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Conflict with Postmark App

I don’t know how to best report this issue, but I use an app called Postmark on my site that I just realized was broken today (Sept. 12, 2023), but was probably broken on Sept. 1, 2023). Postmark manages SMTP and uses wp_mail to do so. When I deactivated your app, it started working again, but I’m not sure why since your app does not send email. Any guidance you can provide would be helpful as I really like and use your app, but cannot now due to the conflict.

I need to know if it can work or if I need to look for something else to do what it does.





Current Status


Last updated: September 12, 2023

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  1. Addify says:


    Thank you for reaching out and sharing this issue. We have not received similar complaint from any other customer. This could be a conflict which we can help you to resolve since the extension is backed by premium support. We would request you to reach out to our support team using the following link. Report your issue and the support team should be able to fix this issue for you.

    Thank you,