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FooSales Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce

Sell your WooCommerce products at your physical store, over the phone, or on the go with our secure, web-based point of sale plugin.

Customer Display

I would like the ability to show the checkout in progress to the customers through a second display. I have the POS systems that I would like to test this out on already. The were purchased to originally use Odoo POS until I found out about your plugin. We use Odoo as our source for inventory. If we only have sync inventory across Odoo to WooCommerce not Odoo to WooCommerce and Odoo to Square anymore, that would be terrific!

Furthermore, I would also like the ability to allow the customer to input their own credentials when adding a new customer to an order.

One more thing that would be terrific is the ability to allow the cashier to login via the FooSales POS so that they will not have to remember to clock in on both systems. We will be integrating with Square terminal, so the ability to clock in is ideal for managing tips that customers leave for cashiers on via the terminal.


Chris Hawkins

Current Status


Last updated: June 13, 2023


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