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FooSales Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce

Sell your WooCommerce products at your physical store, over the phone, or on the go with our secure, web-based point of sale plugin.

Sell wherever your customers are

Selling online is a major step, but it’s only half the journey. Start selling in-person, over the phone, or on the go, and increase your revenue with FooSales. It’s the perfect companion for your WooCommerce store and is the easiest way to take your sales from online to the front line.

  • Seamless – FooSales runs on your server, so no connection issues, syncing problems, or third-party APIs.
  • Setup – Use your store’s existing WooCommerce settings, products, customers, and tax rates.
  • Products – Sell clothing, apparel, food, equipment, and loads more
  • Variations – Fully supports WooCommerce product variations
  • Inventory – Supports standard stock, decimal quantities, and units of measurement (lb, kg, in, cm, etc) both online and in FooSales
  • Barcodes – Scan product barcodes using a Bluetooth barcode scanner or search for products by ID, SKU, or keyword
  • Orders – Create order and customer notes
  • Taxes – Use your existing WooCommerce tax settings
  • Coupons – Apply WooCommerce coupons at checkout
  • Discounts – Override the price of a product or apply a fixed or percentage discount to individual products as well as the overall cart total.
  • Refunds – Issue refunds directly from within FooSales
  • Invoices – Print and email invoices/receipts
  • Customers – Capture customer details through FooSales and view them in WooCommerce 
  • Cashiers – Create cashiers who can only access the POS interface (i.e none administrators)
  • Offline Mode – Work offline when the internet goes down
  • Use Cases – Use FooSales for any type of store, such as clothing & apparel stores, restaurants, homeware stores, jewelry shops, dispensaries, health & wellness stores​, and much more.

Accept payments quickly and easily

Women completing a card payment using FooSales WooCommerce Point of Sales and a card reader.

Accept cash, card, Stripe or Square payments directly within FooSales. You can also enter a customer’s card details manually, which is perfect for taking orders over the phone when using Stripe or Square.

  • Payment Methods – Out of the box, FooSales supports cash, card, default WooCommerce payment methods, and custom payment methods
  • Integrations – Add support for Square and Stripe Terminal readers and manual payments.

Note: The optional Square Payments Add-on and Stripe Payments Add-on are required to activate Square and Stripe functionality.

Square Payments

Square Terminal

FooSales is the only WooCommerce POS to integrate directly with Square. Process in-person card payments using the Square Terminal as well as over the phone orders using the Square manual payments option.

Stripe Payments

Stripe Terminal

Manage all your payments in one place by using Stripe to process online payments, in-person payments using a Stripe Terminal reader and over the phone payments by manually entering your customers card details.

Manage orders from purchase to fulfillment

Manage order fulfillment, continue online orders, collaborate on large orders, print receipts for past orders, issue refunds, review daily totals and troubleshoot issues.

  • Update the status of an order
  • Manage the progress of local pickups and deliveries
  • View customer shipping details, billing details and order notes
  • Receive order alerts in the FooSales apps
  • Collaborate on orders and quotes across multiple devices
  • Create, save, retrieve and continue working on both online and in-person orders

Custom units of measurement and stock quantities

Sell products that use custom units and decimal quantities of measurement such as items sold by weight, length or other custom units of measurement.
Women smiling at a food market while accepting payment

View custom units and decimal quantities within FooSales for in-person sales and on your WooCommerce website for online customers. Here are a few examples of stores that can benefit from this feature: 

  • Health & Wellness Stores​ – Sell by weight, number of scoops or, amount of pills.
  • Dispensaries – Sell by weight
  • Craft Shops – Sell by the number of beads, length of string, weight of materials or volume of liquid supplies
  • Fabric & Yarn Stores – Sell by the length of fabric or yarn
  • Hardware Stores – Amount of nails, length of electrical wire or rope, square meterage of flooring or weight of building material
  • Coffee Supplies – Weight of coffee beans

View orders in WooCommerce Analytics

FooSales integrates with WooCommerce Analytics — a built-in reporting and data analysis tool that helps you manage your store through a customizable dashboard that allows you to monitor all the important key metrics of your site.

FooSales analytics channel selector

Filter order reports by online or POS orders. Use the built-in WooCommerce order filters to further segment results and export all data as a CSV file.

Print and email invoices

Invoices can be printed manually using most AirPrint, USB and wireless desktop printers. Automatic receipt printing is supported on the Star Micronics TSP100/143IIU and Epson TM-T20II thermal receipt printers.

Example of a FooSales printable receipt

FooSales automatically emails invoices to customers using the WooCommerce new order template when an order is completed which can be disabled through a setting if required.

Automatic Offline Mode

You can use FooSales point of sale without an active internet connection and then sync all your changes when you go back online thanks to the advanced offline mode feature.

The offline mode and background data refresh features ensure that you have the flexibility to run your business from literally anywhere while your data remains synced with your online store and other FooSales devices.

Multiple display modes​

Save battery life, reduce eye strain and screen glare using dark mode. FooSales also offers two product display modes – grid and list view.

FooSales Point of Sale dark mode

Sell Tickets with FooEvents for WooCommerce

FooEvents is a powerful event, ticketing and booking plugin for WooCommerce. FooSales includes support for the FooEvents for WooCommerce core plugin and since we created both products, you are guaranteed that they will always work beautifully together.

Support includes:

FooSales iPad and Android Tablet apps

The FooSales plugin that is sold here on the WooCommerce Marketplace is a standalone web app that runs directly on your website. Use of the FooSales iPad and Android tablet apps is not included with this version of the plugin and plans can only be purchased on

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is FooSales Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce?

A: FooSales for WooCommerce is a native point of sale (POS) system for WooCommerce that runs on your own web domain and makes it possible to sell your products and services in-person from any location in the world while seamlessly updating your store’s product inventory, orders and customer data in realtime.

Q: Does FooSales Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce work anywhere in the world?

A: FooSales for WooCommerce works in any country that WooCommerce supports which is practically all countries. WooCommerce currently integrates with over 100 different payment gateways.

Q: Does FooSales Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce integrate with Square, Stripe or other payment service providers?

A: Yes, FooSales for WooCommerce integrates directly with Square and Stripe. You can also enter a customer’s card details manually which is perfect for taking orders over the phone or if the hardware is not available in your country.

If you don’t use Square or Stripe, card payments can be manually processed using any third-party card reader of your choice and set to “Card Payment” at checkout. The payment type can also be set to “Cash”, “Direct Bank Transfer”, “Check”, “Cash on Delivery” and “Other Payment Method” or you can create your own custom payment methods in WooCommerce.

Note: The optional Square Payments Add-on and Stripe Payments Add-on are required to activate this functionality.

Certain Square and Stripe reader models will only connect to the FooSales POS tablet apps. The ability to use the FooSales tablet apps is not included with this version of FooSales

Q: Where can I buy Square and Stripe readers?

A: You can purchase Square hardware from Square directly or from online and physical retailers in the countries where Square is available such as Amazon.

Stripe readers are currently only available to Stripe customers in select countries and you must order readers directly from Stripe through your Stripe dashboard.

Q: How long does the FooSales for WooCommerce (POS) setup process take?

A: FooSales for WooCommerce is essentially an extension of your WooCommerce store so you have already done all the hard work! Most customers are up and running within a few minutes.

Q: Can I run FooSales for WooCommerce (POS) on any computer?

A: Yes! FooSales for WooCommerce runs in most modern web browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Q:  Does FooSales for WooCommerce (POS) work with coupons?

A: Yes, FooSales for WooCommerce integrates with the standard WooCommerce coupons functionality. When completing an order, coupons can be applied to the order which will result in the cart being discounted by the relevant amount.

Q: Can I use FooSales for WooCommerce (POS) without WooCommerce?

A: Unfortunately, not at the moment. FooSales for WooCommerce is a point of sale solution that is specifically designed and built for the WooCommerce platform.

Q: How does FooSales for WooCommerce (POS) manage taxes?

A: FooSales for WooCommerce uses the built-in WooCommerce Tax Settings when applying taxes to orders. This means that any tax settings and tax rates that have already been configured for your WooCommerce store, will automatically be applied within the FooSales for WooCommerce app. Please refer to this help document for more information.

Q: Does FooSales for WooCommerce (POS) support products that are sold in decimal quantities/units of measurement (length, weight etc.)?

A: Yes, FooSales for WooCommerce has built-in functionality that allows you to sell products using decimal quantities and you can even sell regular products alongside products that use decimal quantities but this first needs to be configured. Please refer to this help document for more information.

Q: Can I use FooSales for WooCommerce (POS) on multiple stores?

A: Yes, but you will need to purchase an additional licence for each new website/domain.

Q: Does FooSales for WooCommerce (POS) have any analytics or reporting tools?

A: WooCommerce Analytics is the official reporting and data analysis tool for WooCommerce stores. Using a ‘Sales Channel‘ filter, FooSales for WooCommerce also has the ability to view “Online Only” and “POS Only” orders separately in the WooCommerce Analytics orders report.

There is also a Daily Summary feature which is built into FooSales for WooCommerce that is useful for getting a snapshot of total sales and payment types that were processed through the FooSales for WooCommerce app on a particular day.

Q: Does FooSales Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce store my customer data or transmit it to any third-parties?

A: FooSales for WooCommerce connects directly to your WooCommerce database using a secure API which fetches your store data (customers, products and orders). None of this information is saved or passed on to any third-party servers, including our own.

WooCommerce handles all the eCommerce functionality and payment processing in exactly the same way as your online store.

FooSales for WooCommerce complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for added peace of mind.


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