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Accept all major debit and credit cards as well as local payment methods with Stripe.

Design on the embedded form

Design on the embedded form

Is it possible that you can look at the design a little? It would be great if you could choose which form you want in admin. I think the “Stripe Checkout modual” looks really good, but when you activate it, there are quite a few steps / clicks before you get to the box and fill in the card details.

I like to have embedded form as you write, but it looks so old and stale, it’s hard to dare to fill in the data … so old it looks

Please add so you can change the design so it looks nicer already in admin. Or it’s shorter if you have “Stripe Checkout”


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Last updated: July 16, 2018

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  1. alexx66 says:

    Hey, totally get where you’re coming from with the form design. The struggle is real, especially when you want that sleek Stripe Checkout vibe but end up in a click marathon. Been there!

    Here’s a fix: why not tweak the embedded form right from the admin? Quick and painless. You’d get the smooth Stripe look without the endless steps. Spice it up with some modern vibes, you know? It’s all about making that data-filling dance a bit more inviting.

    I did this on my site, and the transformation was legit and this is what I got: . Less hassle for users, more style points. Go for it, mate! Play around, find what suits your taste, and watch those conversions climb.