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Lottery for WooCommerce

Lottery for WooCommerce is a full-featured lottery plugin for creating and managing online lotteries in your WooCommerce Shop.

Easy Compliance


Thanks in advance!

In the UK we have some specific requirements for online competitions.

In order for us to be (easily) compliant we must first ask a question to the consumer – Already available.

We must also include a “Free entry route” to the competition – Free entry is currently available but it is not possible to have running in parallel with a paid entry route…

So my request is to include the following feature;

A free entry route that runs in parallel with paid entry route.

Example Competition.
Prize value £10
Minimum tickets 30
Maximum tickets 50
Cost per ticket £1

Every user can have 1 (limited) free ticket entry
(this satisfies compliance requirements) – not yet available.

Free tickets would NOT contribute to Min/Max ticket numbers in this feature.

Therefore in this example, £30 must be accumulated through actual sales (paid route) before the competition ends.

The example competition draw may include more than 30 tickets due to the “parallel free entry” route.

Paying customers would ultimately have a far greater chance of winning as they can have more tickets than free entry.

A competition can not end with free entry alone so no risk to the competition host.

For clarity, Both paid and free route must answer question.

Your consideration would be GREATLY appreciated.

Many thanks




Current Status


Last updated: September 10, 2023


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  1. jaybristow says:


    Any consideration to my request?

    Many thanks


  2. jaybristow says:

    Please can you update me on the progress or this?
    If it is not being considered I may have to opt for another plugin.

    Many thanks