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by  Eway
Take credit card payments securely via Eway (AU and NZ) keeping customers on your site.

Eway Extension needs internal Recaptcha and direct Secure fields

Eway Payments extension to be urgently rewritten to include internal reCAPTCHA which does not require manual Captcha installed at checkout. Eway does not advise members of the needs for this internal they are hit with huge bills for Cardbot fraud attempts. Recaptcha options upon checkout are not user friendly and many now conflict with the new paypal payments option making the current extension unusable. Eway also needs to have internal direct secure fields to allow for checkout within card stage rather than checkout on a seperate page and to ensure maximum safety.


Current Status


Last updated: April 5, 2022


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  1. Tortech Australia says:

    Agreed, extension is unsuable

  2. Chloe M says:

    I also agree which is Eway is unsuable in WooCommerce