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Export Bookings to CSV

We need a way to easily export the “all bookings” data. We often have bookings that aren’t associated with orders, and even if they have orders the orders export functionality groups all the bookings data in one field, making it impossible to sort by things such as booking date and booking time. This is critical so we can easily generate lists of people booked for a particular event.

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Last updated: October 13, 2015


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  1. anonymous says:

    YES PLEASE THIS IS ASKED OFTEN!!! I can’t believe woocommerce got so expensive add-ons and booking tools and you cannot just print your attendee list for a booked course/event/trip


  2. Luke Cavanagh says:
  3. Trudieng says:

    Yip…this should be out of the box…. it does not help to have a booking system and we cant even export to csv / excel….. We bought this extension and we absolutely need to have the export function as we have to print lists for some of our vendors. After spending all this money…we cant export? I tried the plugin on github but no success in getting it to work. Nothing gets exported. So for the price tag… this should be build in.

  4. Anonymous says:

    WHy the **** is this still not included in WC Bookings? Such basic functionalities should be included in a plugin THIS expensive. WC should hang their head in shame!

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    yes, this needs added, features like this are considered standard in every other booking or commerce system I’ve used

  7. Terresa Lee Lindsay says:

    yes please

  8. Helen Conway says:

    When using the Woocommerce Booking software its vital to have a report of all booked customers in spreadsheet format. I would prefer to not use a 3rd party plugin to do this .

  9. Daniel Bouchard says:

    Hello everyone, So what bypass or solution did you find/use to print/export your daily client arrival/booking list?
    For the developpers: Guys this is a deal killer,what use is getting reservations if you can’t figure out who’s coming the next morning? We do boat tours, we need paper list to give to our captains and/or divemasters.

  10. Daniel Bouchard says:
  11. Rachel Gibbons says:

    I need to be able to tell funders how many people we have through the doors for different activities and I don’t want to go through and count!! Funders give money and expect you to be able to justify it with proof of outcomes. I just assumed I would be able to do this, it’s a big part of the reason I bought the plugin, so we could have this info easily to hand.

  12. Birger says:

    Totally sign in my vote. Impossible that you provide a booking solution without good reporting function. No database overview, no export, no practical dashboard…

  13. Anonymous says:

    agree. useless without as have to do ev erythign manually

  14. Greg Cole says:

    Another vote – reporting in WooCommerce overall is abysmal – but not having export/filtering options in Bookings is a huge oversite/shortcoming. Need the ability to export a list of daily bookings (or by date range/product/start date/etc)

  15. James Koussertari says:

    ‘+1. Like everyone else, I’m disappointed that this feature is not included in the plugin, considering how expensive it is.

    If anyone is looking for a solution though, this plugin may do what you need for $39…

    It even exports person type in this format:

    Booking Person
    Adults (£5.95): 1 – Children (£5.95): 1 – Under 2 yrs (£2.00): 1 – Under 1 yrs (£1.00): 1

    However, I have found that the plugin above misses some key information, such as booking date and payment method etc. Therefore, you may want to pair it with this free order export plugin and marry up the data:

    Hope this helps someone.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s ridiculous this isn’t part of the plugin. If they provide Development information then surely they must provide basic development features???

  17. Anonymous says:

    I join the choir: this functionality should be provided out of the box.
    However, for most things I am happy using plugin “Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce” with an additional tweak specified here:

  18. Glide Agency says:

    +1 on this request.


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