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Facebook for WooCommerce

by  Woo
Get the Official Facebook for WooCommerce plugin to reach your customers across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Facebook Marketplace integration

I would like to be able to list my WooCommerce store inventory to Facebook Marketplace as can be done on other platforms. See:


Current Status


Last updated: July 18, 2021


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  1. davidbissoon says:

    This would be really useful for me and a lot of my clients if this functionality exists. Given how popular WooCommerce is, i’m pretty surprised it doesn’t already exist

  2. agoodfindweha says:

    Hi, I would really love if I could have my marketplace items and website items be seen together. Either a way to add my facebook marketplace link to my website or have my items show up on facebook that links back to my website. I have 20,000 items to list. I don’t want to pay for ads. Thank you.

  3. auctionlinexpress says:

    when will this be available ?