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Security for WooCommerce

by  OPMC
Prevent chargebacks and fraudulent orders made with VPNs and proxies with the Security for WooCommerce plugin.

Fake Emails sequence detection block?

Are you close on the email detection/prevent functionality??

The most common attack in Woo is Checkout Page – Create Account and Submit (fake) orders – repeated, over and over again.

The attack is most often abc-attack234@, abc-attack454@, abc-attack754@, abc-attack774@ – etc…

The ability/functionality to prevent orders from being placed and/or emails (in seq: ex: abc-attack*@ = block) or prevent or ban?

or further:

IF SAME IP = multiple order attempts = BLOCK or Ban or Blacklist

(doesn’t work right, when attackers uses DIFF emails on every submit) ….

Excited about new functions! Hope soon!

(and at the very least = somewhere to put in part of the known sequence to block the multiples completely!)



Current Status


Last updated: October 27, 2023

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  1. oncoregolfer says:

    Delete this comment – I put in wrong place.