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Quick Order for WooCommerce

by  Codup
Add a bulk order form on a wholesale site with a CSV upload option so your recurring customers can place a bulk order more quickly and efficiently.

Few issues / requests

Hello. I just bought the Quick Order Form and there are a few things that I feel would greatly improve this plugin that I’m hoping you can achieve.

1. The order form is not mobile optimized and gets cropped on mobile view.

2. The user cannot simply paste item SKU numbers and have the product be loaded… it forces the user to type and click suggested items for it to load items into the form fields.

3. It is not working with the Min/Max Quantities plugin by the WooCommerce team. In my store I use “Minimum” and “Group Of” quantities. Ex: user must buy atleast 8, and in multples of 2…So if the “Group of” qty is 2 they are only allowed to go up in increment quantities of 2.

Andy Allen



Current Status


Last updated: March 16, 2023

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  1. aja206 says:

    Well I guess I’ll just cancel support for now…doesn’t seem to exist.