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by  99w
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increase the price percentage by day and not multiply it

I have a ski rental (physical store) that I want to open on my website, the price of ski equipment for one day is €50 and the same equipment for two days is €80 and the same equipment for three days It is €120, that is, as the days increase, the price of the equipment decreases per day. Is this possible to configure in the plugin?



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Last updated: February 13, 2023


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  1. MobilityScooterHire says:

    Lightscameragrip is spot on.

    I have a similar model to your ski hire and that’s extactly what I do. The price per day can be modified depending on the length of the hire. You can add as many variables as you like from 1 day to 14 or more.

  2. ligthscameragrip says:

    you can set this under the “Pricing tiers” or Price + additional periods %” . For pricing tier you use a -% value to adjust the daily pricing. in your case it would be something like; 1 day = -20%, 2 days = -20%, ect.