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Integration with Square

I would like to see an integration between WooCommerce (Inventory Management) or an alternative that would consolidate my mobile register, inventory and my eCommerce site.

Current Status


Last updated: August 15, 2022


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  1. Patrick Garman says:

    Not possible at this time. Square does not have an API. If you are set on square then you probably want to choose the offline credit card processing method and then punch in manually.

  2. Jon says:

    but woo commerce doesn’t have a offline credit card processing feature that i know of? Do you know of any plugins?

  3. clawfire says:

    It’s a non sence. square is for IRL physical transaction , why did you want to use it in an online store ?

  4. Patrick Garman says:

    For some getting approved for larger merchant accounts is difficult or not possible (due to credit, cost, or other requirements). So Square offers a free (other than trans fees) account with no credit check — this option usually looks better for those one man or smaller shops that may just be getting started.

  5. clawfire says:

    I See, maybe you can take a look on something more appropriate like stripe.com

  6. clawfire says:

    I See, maybe you can take a look on something more appropriate like stripe.com

  7. Patrick Garman says:

    Agreed, but there are those who do want to stay with Square 🙂 Square has the mobile card reader that keeps all their transactions in one system.

  8. clawfire says:

    Hum I can understand but IMO it’s a wrong way to do it . But ok maybe it’s more easy to manage for someone

  9. Joyce Rosen says:

    It would be awesome if there was a “Square” add-on. -A way to embed a secure CC form into a website and swipe orders automatically via a merchant’s iphone. Until then, is there an add-on that has a function to embed a secure CC form which sends secure CC data to the merchant so he/she can swipe with Square manually?

  10. Patrick Garman says:
  11. Joyce Rosen says:

    ‘@Patrick- any idea when this option will become available and what it will be called? Many thanks!!

  12. mark says:

    I think what you are looking for is already available, you just need this plugin http://offlinecreditcard.com and just submit your credit card information to your square.

  13. k to the c says:

    I set up an offline credit card option in woocommerce. Wasn’t very difficult, just make it work similar to cheque option 🙂

  14. 69 Studios, Inc. says:

    Hi. We here at 69 Studios, Inc. completely agree with the idea of integrating the factors of inventory managment, and payment gateway between WooCommerce and SquareUp. This will allow companies to keep track of mobile sales, and a one stop report center with SquareUp. A SquareUp payment gateway integration would also allow all customers to receive mobile receipts. We would love to know if there will be any development for a solution in the near future.

  15. Kauchi Hanashi says:

    We are greatly indeed for this for our show Couch Talk with Gamer Girls because we allow all cast members to do cool things to monetize with their fans via our WordPress website which has WooCommerce. The parent company uses SquareUp and it would be incredibly convenient for us and our end users when SquareUp is integrated with WordPress and maybe WooCommerce. This request in professional terms should be very high up on the list. If anything SquareUp (if they don’t already) should provide an API so that businesses can get integration working. Thank you.

  16. Chad Ever says:

    Also agree. Doing trade shows, having one inventory and two separate methods of purchase, woo website and square would be very nice. Ran into an issue where the website was not updated fast enough and oversold a product because of selling at the show and the site on the same day.

  17. Ian Sterne says:

    I am currently working on two WooCommerce stores and integrating them with Square would be a huge benefit.

  18. Joel Stickney says:

    I would love to have a solution like this.

  19. Custom WP Ninjas says:

    We built this out already, check it out! You can send your inventory from Square to Woo or vice-versa, hope this saves you guys a pile of time and makes like a little easier!


  20. Mitch Powell says:

    As I understand it, if my client wanted to use SquareUp as a payment processor, she would have to create all the product listings she already created on her website, into Square’s Marketplace? Would this “investigation” you’re planning eliminate the need to have all the products listed in both places?

  21. Andrew says:

    Square’s fantastic – but only in few countries right now. As a South African store owner I’d rather see integration with something available globally like Vend … or better still, an in-house woocommerce POS ad on. Vend’s charging $100 a month subscription – surely there’s enough of an incentive there for a little competition?

  22. Ninja says:
  23. Will Butler says:

    As would I. We’re currently using an all-in-one POS/cart/booking/payroll management package called MindBody that’s hosted for $85/month. I think WooCommerce with the Booking Extension and a POS like Square could do the same without the monthly fee.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I would love to see an API to allow WooCommerce subscriptions to be processed by Square. I am currently using QBMS and I do not like their processing structure.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I add a request for Squareup payment added in. I much prefer Square over Paypal.

  26. Brad says:

    I just wrote all of the code to do manual credit card processing. I use square too, but this will allow your customers to pay by credit card and then transmit the data to your admin so you can key it in with whatever offline provider you use.

    Email me if you’re interested in a copy.

  27. Susan Fitzmaurice says:

    I’m definitely interested in the code. Considered jumping ship on account of this issue. Susanatdisabilitysavvydotcom

    Thanks for doing this

  28. Brad says:

    Susan, I emailed you.

  29. TH Web says:


    I m also interested in this. Would make things work until there is a solid Square extension. Thabnks in advance.

  30. Brad says:

    ‘@TH Web you can contact me at bradleyjson79 [at] gmail [dot] com

  31. Anonymous says:

    I NEED the extension to integrate squareup. If not, I would rather give up woocommerce.

  32. David Wolters says:

    This would be awesome. I’m setting up an e-commerce site for a client who sells athletic apparel. IMHO WooCommerce is the best tool for that and I’m using the Stripe integration plugin from WooThemes and all is good on the site-side of the equation. This client also plans to sell their t-shirts from a booth at running events. Square is a powerful and accessible tool for them to use for that. Ideally, there could be synchronization between the two platforms for inventory management. If Square could be used as the payment processor on the website, bonus! One processor. I would be happy to be a beta tester!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Link not working? or just miss dated?

  34. Profango Amore says:

    Where are we at with this??? I’m excited because Chase Payment Tech is tryin to sell me their service and I’m tired of Paypal.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I am very interested in integrating Square Cash Pro and also utilizing their $CashTags. Is this something that is being planned for Square integration?

  36. MC says:

    For serious, integrated inventory between Square and WooCommerce would rock my world!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Yes this will be awesome … can you share poll stats? reopen so we can chime in!

  38. Mike says:

    I second this proposal, that would be awesome!

  39. Matt says:

    Im in!

  40. Matt says:

    Any updates on this??

  41. Sara says:

    Yes reopen poll!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Need it!

  43. Anonymous says:

    For sure – we need it – thanks!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Just left tradeshow and 90% of our leads are using Square, need to have this integration!

  45. James says:

    Guys, any update in this? I see it’s planned..what’s the ETA?

  46. bogey says:

    I’m in need of this and would gladly purchase.

  47. Leaders Beverage says:

    I’m really looking forward to this. I’m hoping that it will not only help move items built in woocommerce to square but that that it will have two-directional communication to keep track of one inventory for both square up and online. Further, to have compatibility with quickbooks online would be more than a guy/gal could ask for!


  48. Anonymous says:

    I’d love this too. I’d also really love to do the survey as well to see what you’ve got planned.

  49. Jacob says:

    Just wanted to throw in one more desparate plea for Integration with Square. I’ve got to build out a client site in mere weeks and won’t be able to go with WooCommerce without it. That’s such a bummer!!!

  50. Chris Bell says:

    ‘+1 Providing Square integration with WooCommerce would benefit my clients. When might this become a reality?

  51. Ryan Saucerman says:

    ‘+1 I just lost a sale because I was not able to integrate with Square

  52. Anonymous says:

    Is this something that is being seriously considered? Any idea on time frame?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Square/WooCommerce integration is badly needed!! Would gladly purchase a plugin.

  54. Profango Amore says:

    Whats the current on this extension???

  55. Jef Keep says:

    As soon as possible, please! 🙂

  56. Sarah says:

    any news

  57. Jérémie Olivier says:

    I really need this too !

  58. Anonymous says:

    Square Connect API is available, and Square interfaces with Weebly. Come on WooCommerce. Get your act together.

  59. rciardo says:

    You can integrate square by using stitch lab to manage inventory on square and by using the stitch lab addon in woo commerce

  60. Colton Joseph says:

    How on earth has this not been integrated yet?

  61. Anonymous says:

    yes please

  62. Steve Feuss says:

    You guys moved forward with Bigcommerce and Weebly before working on integration with Square?? REALLY!?!

  63. Profango Amore says:

    Tick Tock

  64. Carlos Mostek says:

    Definitely want this! Any idea when this could be available?

  65. Anonymous says:

    please, please,please do this.

  66. Anonymous says:


  67. Anonymous says:

    Add me to the list of people who would like this

  68. Anonymous says:

    Add me to this list too please. It’s particularly important to Canadians as most of the cheap local POS solutions are US only still. Squares seems the only option for small sales and mobile companies.

  69. Yohann says:

    I’m also very interested

  70. Fellene Gaylord says:

    Have a client who REALLY wants to stay with square on all her invoicing. Site is coming along in WooCommerce. Wondering what the status is on this. Any updates? Please and thank you!

  71. Sara says:

    Any update on this????

  72. Anonymous says:

    I am also interested in using Square. Has this feature been added to WC checkout?

  73. Veljko says:

    It would be great if you include this payment gateway. It’s awesome.

  74. Anonymous says:

    I really need to add square payments to a woocommerce website for one of my clients. any ETA on this extension?
    can anyone suggest one they’re used from themeforest or anyone else out there?

  75. Anonymous says:

    Yep I’m really hoping this will happen asap

  76. Anonymous says:

    One more big +1 for Square integration!

  77. Profango Amore says:

    I don’t think it’s happening guys… There’s been so many other extension planned, started and completed since this extension had been requested. SMH NOPE!!!

  78. John says:

    This seems like a no-brainer. Let’s go Woo! Add a vote for me! (+ 3 clients)

  79. Jason says:

    Another vote for integration with square for payments and inventory management.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Yes! Add the integration with Square. Want to use it for my site too!

  81. Justin says:

    Why dont you guys have square?!?!

  82. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been searching online for Square + WooCommerce integration and was surprised to find this. Eek. Guess this answers my question…no integration yet. Looks like there’s a slight demand 🙂

  83. Figaro says:

    Square has no plans to use their system as a payment gateway, so try something else. Woocommerce can’t do anything about it.

  84. Profango Amore says:


  85. Matt says:

    Wohoooo!!!! What kind of integration can we expect?

  86. Fellene Gaylord says:

    Yippeee! Maybe the client’s who keeps delaying those last pieces of content will get to use it after all. Thanks!

  87. Anonymous says:

    Patrick, this is very good news because many of my clients use Square. Keep up the great work!

  88. Anonymous says:

    An even better integration is WooCommerce + StitchLabs + Square – for those of you who don’t want to wait 🙂

  89. Sally Black says:

    Any word on when the integration might be released?

  90. Anonymous says:

    Patrick will it just do basic payment processing too i.e. stripe?

  91. Anonymous says:

    I would love any info on possible release date… Deciding if I need to put something else in place in the meantime.

  92. Chais says:

    Is this integration going to allow us to pay with square online? Also, will we be able to use square gift cards?

  93. Anonymous says:

    Will it be released this year?

  94. LL says:

    Any updates on if WooCoomerce will integrate with Square? Thank you.

  95. Anonymous says:

    look forward to it

  96. Anonymous says:

    Please keep us posted!!!

  97. Erik S Randall says:

    Has this happened yet?

  98. James McClow says:

    Considering Weebly and Big Commerce are the only two I can find with Square integration this would be amazing for woocommerce. I currently use weebly but our new corporate site is about to go live and I am concerned that my store will now be down. I am a contractor in Tampa Bay and sell a few particular items relating to our industry. I am worried I cannot find a ecommerce plugin for wordpress that uses sq. I am really hoping you do this. I am sure it will help you increase sales of your plugin also. Thanks!!

  99. Krystine St laurent says:

    this is A MUST ! using everthing with square, cant work with paypal anymore as it is such a simple process with square

  100. Anonymous says:

    i second this request

  101. Anonymous says:

    Any update on this?

  102. Kevin says:

    Good, keep me posted.

  103. Kevin Webb says:

    I NEED this

  104. JVM says:

    Am also interested in this.

  105. EA says:

    Could you give us an estimated timetable? (i know that’s sometimes tough to do) It could be a deciding factor for a client of mine.

  106. Anonymous says:

    I agree with EA, any sort of estimated timetable would be very helpful!

  107. Anonymous says:

    Where are we on this? Anyone know?

  108. Anonymous says:

    Integration with WooCommerce and Square would be amazing!!!!!

  109. Anonymous says:

    can’t wait

  110. Anonymous says:

    any timeframe on this yet….. would make life so much easier

  111. Fuck Woocommerce says:

    hurry the fuck up

  112. Anonymous says:

    yes please…and soon would be great.

  113. Alan says:

    Please let me know as soon as this integration is available. I have 3 sites that I am waiting on Square.

  114. Anonymous says:

    Is this available yet?

  115. Anonymous says:

    I’m interested in learning of its release date asap as well. Thank you.

  116. Sara Bergsten says:

    Yes, please let me know when it becomes available to use square and woo commerce

  117. Philip Arthur Moore says:

    Would love an ETA for this. Would be huge for our business.

  118. Fellene Gaylord says:

    Just heard from ECWID that they integrate with Square now. Have a WooCommerce client site almost done that needs to be Square based. Fingers crossed you’re almost done!

  119. Anonymous says:

    Just beginning a woo site for a client that I’d love to use square integration with. Please keep me posted!

  120. Erik Roth says:

    Please let us know when this is ready, I have a client site i could really use this on. Square integration will decide on wether the client goes with woo or a different commerce solution.

  121. Anonymous says:

    Please update us when you have integration with Square! Thanks!

  122. Anonymous says:

    I am starting a new site and will be using Square. I have woocommerce plugged in at the moment, but am getting ready to pull the plug on woo if Square integration is not quickly forthcoming.

  123. Anonymous says:

    FYI They told me this week they are still in discussions with square and ball’s in square’s court so no time soon is the answer

  124. Daniel Garcia says:

    Searching high and low on this. Hopefully we will get something soon!

  125. Daniel Garcia says:

    ‘@Hung Nguyen – Even though your plugin might be useful, it is not relevant to this discussion. We are looking for a payment gateway for SquareUp. Not nice to give false hope.

  126. Cesar says:

    Patric, that’s great to hear. I popped in to see if Square Up as a payment gateway was moving forward.

    Will this be purely a payment gateway or will it cover inventory management as well?

  127. Brian says:

    I tested the ecwid square integration and it was horrible. I can’t wait for woocommerce to be integrated.

  128. Anonymous says:

    This seems to be a long waiting process. Can someone advise when Square will be able to integrate with WooCommerce??

  129. Andre Shoumatoff says:

    Square is in the process of going public and this is also something that is important to us as all of our inbound payments for our entire company come through Square (hundreds of K per year) because it is so effective. We are setting up a new Woo Commerce store and would like this integration in place ASAP. For now, it is forcing us to use PayPal which we do not want to do.


  130. Anonymous says:

    Is there a page for updates on the integration? Waiting patiently 🙂

  131. Ron says:

    Definitely waiting for WooCommerce and Squareup integration for my business. Please keep us posted. Thanks.

  132. Andrew says:

    ‘@Patrick Rauland, Is Square online payment processing and woocommerce compatibility available yet?

  133. mark says:

    when will it be done?

  134. Lindsay says:

    Any update on this? It would be huge for me.

  135. Bob Trembley says:

    I have a client who would also like Square as a payment gateway

  136. Anonymous says:


  137. Anonymous says:

    Please update when you have integration with Square!

  138. Ladianne says:

    I would love this as well… Any thoughts on eta for solution release?

  139. Paul says:

    Admin – when?

  140. Chris says:


  141. Bronwen says:

    waiting anxiously for an update…

  142. Andrew says:

    do it already. Stop delaying. Make the deal happen, we need this!

  143. Bryan says:

    Status please?

  144. Heather says:

    Just found this.

    “Square Up To WooCommerce WordPress Plugin Inventory Import Ninjas”

  145. Billy J Bryant says:

    Is there any update on this? I would like to use Square as a payment gateway, the API already exists on Square’s side.

  146. Cameron says:

    Any status update? I would like to implement this with a few clients

  147. Greg says:

    Definitely want this. Any update soon?

  148. Lee says:

    Wish this were already available. Disappointed but hopeful that it will be available soon!

  149. Dennis says:

    YES!!! I am about to leave WooCommerce if that doesn’t happen…all our systems use it but our online and this is getting ridiculous. Anything you can do to make a faster transition would be great.

  150. Umbridge says:

    Tested Square and WooCommerce integration provided litextension technology company.

  151. strandofgenius says:

    Will you be able to use the invoice capabilities with square?

  152. William says:

    We are a needy bunch of store owners!! Haha, It’s been since Nov 2014 since your last under review statement.. I have clients that are using SquareUp in their stores and want it for their online stores as well.

  153. djbaxter says:

    Also waiting for this… an update on ETA would be appreciated.

  154. Jean says:

    I’d love to see this as well. I have some clients who would take advantage of this add-on.

  155. Anonymous says:

    is there any update with this or any timeline?

  156. Mark Schellenbach says:

    Checking in to see if there’s an update on this feature. Do you folks perchance have an estimated date of completion on this feature? Would love an update.

  157. Anonymous says:
  158. Rick says:

    Any movement? We’ve committed to the Woo plugin with Tickera. We currently use Square as the gateway/processor for everything else at our event. We’d like to see this happen.


  159. Dino Baskovic says:


  160. Sammy Brence says:

    Any update on this? Was started back in August 20, 2015 was the last update?

  161. Molly says:
  162. Molly says:

    Woocommerce is in need of the connection with Square, in order to leverage one of the greatest payment system and more of that.

  163. Anonymous says:

    Have you completed it yet? PLease!!!

  164. A says:

    Update please!

  165. Anonymous says:

    Any updates on this? I would also like to know of any updates!

  166. Marie Mushing says:

    oh yes please!!!

  167. Havok says:

    Also very interested in this. It’s been a while, any updates? Otherwise will have to look at alternatives to WooCommerce. 🙁

  168. Profango Amore says:

    When is this going to launch?

  169. John says:

    I too am looking for options to integrate Square with WordPress for eCommerce

  170. Josh says:

    I would love to see this happen. Any progress?

  171. Autumn Deslauries says:

    Put me on the list of when this is released!

  172. Sol says:

    Me too!

  173. Anonymous says:

    For all of you waiting for this to come along – why not use Stitchlabs to consolidate your inventory? My wife and I use this integration and it’s seamless. Inventories are sync’d every 5-10 minutes.

  174. patty says:

    any luck with the squareup integration??? I’m not above begging!!! lol

  175. bt says:

    any idea when this will roll out? if available, I’d appreciate a realistic date that I can count on when advising clients. looks like this has been “in the works” since last August, but in my experience long delays like this usually mean “not actually in the works.”

  176. Anonymous says:


    Let us if and when this is available.

    Thank you!!!

  177. Rebecca says:

    Any Word on this plugin? Square is so popular now. I’ve had three clients ask me in the last month if I could integrate their site with their Square accounts.

  178. Quentin says:

    Square announced a wide-ranging API yesterday that should make this immensely easier, as well as making Square available as a payment plugin as well

  179. Randy says:

    Same here, maybe this thread will get an announcement when the time comes?

  180. Renee says:

    Chiming in – not as interested in Square integration for inventory management but as a payment gateway – would make life so much simpler for those who already use Square as their in-store processing solution. Having to use another system for online orders makes things exponentially more difficult

  181. Stephen G says:

    I’m so happy to see Square has an API now. Please, WooCommerce, add Square as a payment gateway.

    Square’s FAQs have very basic information:

    More information for developers is available here: https://docs.connect.squareup.com/articles/ecommerce-overview/

  182. Michael says:

    Is the Square integration ready yet?

  183. Pam Ellenberger says:

    any progress?

  184. Shane says:

    Also looking for Square payment gateway integration. It looks like it is a long time coming for WooCommerce to connect with Square. Keep us posted Woo!

  185. Anonymous says:

    Have there been any developments?

  186. Richard Hunting says:

    Looking forward to a Square and Woocommerce combo! 🙂

  187. Rebekah Edwards says:

    Yes, updates? Is it ready?

  188. Lyse says:

    Also interested in updates

  189. ronnyb says:

    Also interested in this… any updates?

  190. Anonymous says:

    How many votes (678), months, comments (209) does it take to see change? This is the only issue I have with WooCommerce which says a lot that it is an amazing product. Just wish it worked with one of the most popular payment processing. When can we see this?

  191. Anonymous says:

    Still waiting…

  192. L says:

    Is there a release date you may offer us? I have a new client which needs this feature and I would like to offer an integration solution. Thank you, kindly.

  193. T says:

    Yes, this is very much needed! Please release this feature soon!

  194. Anonymous says:

    So now that Square has an API out as of last month, can we please get an idea as to some sort of timeline for this feature?
    I really want to use Woocommerce as a platform for Ecommerce, but I have several clients that are requesting Square integration!
    Please respond

  195. Russell Kaye says:

    I’ve got two clients ready for this. It would be great to know a timeframe on this. Appreciate your work.

  196. Anonymous says:

    ‘+1, client waiting…

  197. Jenny says:

    Two clients literally putting things on hold pending the outcome of this thread…

  198. Alack says:

    this needs to happen ASAP,especially with other gateways shutting sales down

  199. Justin says:

    Hey Woo!
    I too have a client with this need. Any ETA? I won’t tell anybody..

    Thank you

  200. Anonymous says:

    Whats the status?

  201. Anonymous says:

    Status update guys

  202. Anonymous says:

    Can we get a status update on this please. It seems Square works with weebly and bigcommerce.

  203. Anonymous says:


  204. fran4444 says:

    Here is the documentation to Square APIs: Getting Started

    * * * *

  205. Anonymous says:


  206. me märkəˈteer says:

    Is the project of syncing squareup with woocommerce live yet ?? How long until woocomm and square can play together ??

  207. Anonymous says:

    When will we have square and woocommerce together? Would do wonders to help some of my clients

  208. Mark Jackson says:

    Yes please. Adding my voice to this clamour. What’s the go?

  209. Nic Orichuia says:

    Please please please! Would be extremely helpful to have this. Thank you!

  210. Phil says:

    Square is what I want as a gateway with woocommerce for my site as well. Please help us!

  211. Sara says:

    Would love to be able to implement this for a client today…. 🙂

  212. Stefanie Wood says:

    Another vote from me…client is waiting

  213. Diane Minks says:

    I’ve got two clients who would like this functionality incorporated into Woocommerce.

  214. Jody DeSimone says:

    When do you think this will be available?

  215. bronw3n says:

    would REALLY love this to happen. Just moved a client off woocommerce because of lack of Square integration.

  216. Micah Joyner says:

    Friends and clients waiting on this! Would be amazing 😀

  217. Anonymous says:

    I am about to make a recommendation to a non-profit about revamping their whole web presence. Square is a critical component as is WordPress, third priority is WooCommerce. With absolutely no communication about when this might happen that puts WooCommerce out of the running. Delays in implementation are expected, but we really have no idea when this might or if it might happen – a few months, a year, five years? We’ve been asking for over 2 years. Time to come clean. Are you really working on this or not? Is there a timeline for completion?

  218. Jeremy says:

    any update on this? would be really great if I am to continue using sqaureup…

  219. Anonymous says:

    Can we get an update on this PLEASE?
    I have clients waiting for a way to connect their WooCommerce store with a reliable POS. Any update at all pleaseeeeeee

  220. Phil says:

    Does anyone here have experience with Ecwid? The app integrates with square.

  221. Roger says:

    Any idea on an ETA? I could use this 5 times over.

    You guys rock!

  222. Anonymous says:

    Please please Square integration!

  223. WooCommerce says:

    Hi everyone,

    It’s great to see so much interest in this product. Thank you all for sharing your feedback.

    We have an ETA for this coming soon (likely within the next 6 weeks), so please do keep an eye on the Woo blog, and on your inbox, for more information on this.

    Thanks and regards,
    Matty Cohen.

  224. Marcus Thompson says:

    I have a client that is currently using Square as their credit card processor. I’m building a WooCommerce site and I’d be very interested in keeping with Square as their online payment gateway. Please let me know when this option is available.

  225. Phil says:

    Thank you for the update Matty!!!!!! Greatly appreciated!

  226. Deron Blevins says:

    Thank you, thank you! I was googling for this and wondering how this didn’t exist yet. Patiently and anxiously awaiting 🙂

  227. Brian Abston says:

    I am SO ready for this to be released.

  228. Jack Starnes says:

    When is the coming???

  229. Kevin Peyper says:

    I have an online store and want to integrate squareup with woo commerce, I can’t wait! Any idea of a launch date? Please please let’s get square in here…

  230. Billc108 says:

    ‘@matty-cohen Please add me to the list of people to notify when this is ready.

  231. MMcGee says:

    want to keep in the know.

  232. Corey says:

    Omg….this would be a the best thing ever if I can link my square account to my wordpress site via woo commerce? jonesenbbq.com

  233. Anonymous says:

    I would love Square a payment gateway for my woocommerce theme. Please add me to your update list. Thank you!

  234. Barry says:

    My clients would love this. Please keep us up to date on the progress.

  235. SOF, Inc. says:

    We will use this when it’s available!

  236. Roberto says:


  237. Matt says:

    ‘Patrick Rauland, it has been almost a year since this was marked as started. Is this still going to happen? Need to know so I can decide on a solution for a client.

    – Matt

    (is that Atlassian you’re using for issue management, by the way).

  238. WooCommerce says:

    This is definitely being worked on, and is being launched very soon. 🙂

    Please keep an eye on this idea, and on the Woo blog ( http://woothemes.com/blog/ ) for more information.

    Thanks and regards,
    Matty Cohen

    WooCommerce Product Lead, Automattic.

  239. Charles says:

    any update on this since square has their API out?

  240. Anonymous says:

    Please add me to the update list, can’t wait for Square to work with woocommerce!

  241. Kelli Hoeppner says:

    Please keep me updated. Do you have a time frame that you expect it to happen? I have a client who really wants to integrate this on his site.

  242. Anonymous says:

    I have a client who already uses square and wants to integrate with woocommerce as well. Please ad me to the update list!

  243. Stephanie McCarthy says:

    Also, very interested. Following thread.

  244. Sasha V. says:

    If there is a list to notify people when this is available, please add me!

  245. Grayson Stebbins says:

    Super glad y’all are working this as I look at moving my store from brick and mortar only to online.

  246. Tay says:

    Do you guys have an approximate date of release for the Woocommerce – Square payments integration module?

  247. Anonymous says:

    I pressed 3 votes without reading below then read it’s already began 🙂 Looking forward to this

  248. Mel says:

    Hi just wondering if there was an ETA on this before I look for alternative solutions? Cheers Mel

  249. Brenda says:

    I would also like to know if there is an ETA or if I will need to start heading another route. Thanks!

  250. Brenda says:

    For anyone else who is waiting patiently, what are you using the meantime?

  251. Anonymous says:

    me too please…

  252. Colette says:

    I just want to add that I would love to see this integration ASAP. It’s going to be the difference between using WooCommerce on a client’s site or something else, and I’d prefer to use WooCommerce.

  253. Paul Taylor says:

    Hi There, Looks like Patrick marked this as being started in August 2015, it almost a year later and I wondered if there was any idea as to when this would be available?

  254. Cathy says:

    I’m also very interested. Following thread. Thank you.

  255. Anonymous says:

    Hope this is going well! Hint hint, well as in ready yet?

  256. Anonymous says:

    Following thread.

  257. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for this to be ready! Anything yet?

  258. Anonymous says:

    Hello ,
    Does the plugin Available in market for payment gateway using square account ???
    send the Link if so..

  259. moyo says:

    How this is going? Any ETA?

  260. Josh Stevens says:


  261. Jennifer says:

    Also following. I have a number of clients who use Square and would like to integrate it using Woocommerce.

  262. Billc108 says:

    7 weeks ago Matty Cohen (http://ideas.woothemes.com/users/12032501-matty-cohen) estimated 6 weeks.

    We all know how software development often takes longer than initially estimated… but how about an update?

  263. Transattic says:

    Waiting to hear! We need something like this since WooCommerce doesn’t have an offline POS mode yet.

  264. Ill Picasso says:

    Well I stumbled across this on google just keeping an eye on when square for woocommerce would be ready…

    woothemes.com/2016/06/square-woocommerce-release/Jun 28, 2016 – With Square for WooCommerce, you can accept payments online or … with Square to develop this new extension — we’re excited to finally…

    This was nearly 3 weeks ago so it must be coming very very soon. I hope so. I have a project due first week of august and this was one of the features I was hoping i could include.

  265. WooCommerce says:

    Hi Bill,

    We’re looking good to launch soon.

    Please keep an eye on the WooCommerce Blog for more information. http://woocommerce.com/blog

    Thanks and regards,

  266. OchoMedia says:

    And live shipping/taxes too! Thanks.

  267. Anonymous says:

    Eta on when it might be complete??? Your last comment was almost a year ago!

  268. Anonymous says:

    Does the square integration create an invoice in Woocommerce on each transaction and are we able to capture the payers email address?

  269. Cassie Bone says:

    Except if you’re outside of the US or Canada you can’t use it…. so, no fix for me.
    “Square eCommerce payments is only available in the US and Canada”

  270. Anonymous says:


  271. Helen says:

    Great – when will Woo & Square be ready in Australia?

  272. Zachary Goldberg says:

    if you can not create new orders from square and write them to woocommerce i dont understand the point of it. Why would I need to pull the product database only to create an order in square but not have it show up in woocommerce which is what I am using for ecommerce. I might as well just use square, there is no point. You really need to sync orders.

  273. Perry says:

    I agree with the comment made by Zachary Goldberg. The extension would make sense if every new square order created a “completed” order in Woocommerce’s orders page. This would keep reporting accurate and make it so you can just do everything in woo rather than having to export all the data from square’s interface and import into woo (which requires another woo extension).


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