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Product Batch & Expiration Tracking for WooCommerce

Track product batch & expiration date info, get email alerts on expiring products, auto add to clearance category for expiring products and search orders by batch number.

Item Cost

Hi there, we just added your plugin to a shop and it looks great. But, we are in dire need for an additional input field. Our individual products are produced at different factories and at different times/cost, which means we need a field for “Cost” so it follows the batch. It would be a great improvement if this could be added šŸ™‚



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Last updated: September 29, 2023

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  1. Dev Webis says:

    Hi, thanks for your input. We did not create the cost field on purpose since woocommerce by default does not have a cost field and each cost plugin has a different way to deal with it. Do you need just an extra field for your reference or do you want it to work with some cost plugin you already have? Please send an email to to discuss about it further. Thank you.