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Gift Registry for WooCommerce

Allow your customers to create multiple gift registries and share with their friends and family so they buy gifts for the upcoming events.

Kauf von Produkten durch Fremde

Hallo ­čÖé
Ich w├╝rde gerne wissen, bevor ich dieses Plugin umsonst kaufe, ob dieses Plugin geeignet ist f├╝r :

– Wunschlistenersteller teilt seine Wunschliste
– Ein Fremder kann ein Produkt von dieser Liste kaufen
– Der Versand erfolgt an den Wunschlistenersteller

Merci Meike Schumacher



Current Status


Last updated: December 18, 2022

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  1. nrdlicht says:

    Dear all,
    I am curious about this plugin. I think this one fits best in my webshop. I am looking for some infomration concerning following questions:
    a. Is this plugin available in other languages (most interested in ‘german’)? Admin view can be english – but the target-user-group will be in germany.

    b. Is this plugin compatible with other plugins – meaning: I import goods from an marketplace in my webshop, can I add these to the gift-registry? If added and selected, will the product be added to the shopping-cart of my webshop?

    Thanks in advance