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Back In Stock Notifications

by  Woo
Notify customers when your products are restocked.

leaderboard – more settings

allow the 3 “boards” have more products. This info can help guide what products folx what most. Seeing more like 20 products would be ideal. An editable # setting would be sweet. A filter by category on Most Wanted would also be great.



Current Status


Last updated: August 29, 2023


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  1. comenzicraftupro says:

    Yes, We are also interested in this feature.

  2. Johan Jinton says:

    Feels like this needs to be a standard feature for the plugin, kind of a no brainer. You should be able to have a complete overview of all the products that customers have subscribed/signed up to, not just the top 5 products. Especially when the search function in the “Notifications”-tab works quite poorly, as the function only seems to work for information around the user. Filter function is ok as you can select a specific product and “search” that way. However, if you have variations on the products, like sizes, you can only filter one variation at a time, not all of them. Can’t understand that no one requests improvements around this (?)