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Product Bundles

by  Woo
Offer personalized product bundles, bulk discount packages, and assembled products.

make the bundled item images link to the individual product pages

There is almost no use for the product picture enlargement, it should link to the bundle product’s page or at least have a option to choose so.

Also, your “Link to screenshot” feature is simply absurd. Why can’t one just attach a screenshot?



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Last updated: October 21, 2023

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  1. LibrariansTeach says:

    Agreed! I came to request something else about images (using medium size instead of full-size ones for improved performance), but this has been a UX issue for years. We should at least have the option to link the title of the product and the image to the individual product page. I never understood why only the “open in new window/tab” icon has the link.