Membership page restrictions automatically apply to ‘Child’ pages

Having read through the documentation, it seems there’s a feature I’d like to see added (before I purchase, hopefully).

It’s to do with Page content restrictions.

When a Page is added in Restrict Content, it would be useful if there was a selection to make all ‘child’ pages of that page restricted too.

I always organise my pages in a hierarchy in WordPress, so this would be a fantastically easy way of restricting a whole section of content.

Current Status


Last updated: August 15, 2022


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  1. anonymous says:

    yes please! such a bear right now for big sites, no way to programmatically add stuff to protected content otherwise!

  2. Hashim Warren says:

    I have a course that I manage with Memberships.

    I have a custom post type for “course”, “module”, and “lesson”. I currently make each lesson a child of a certain module and each module a child of a certain course.

    Right now I have to tag them all with the same name and restrict access based on that tag. But it’s messy. I’d rather restrict the course and have the child pages get restricted too.

  3. Arthur says:

    I switched from memberpress to woocommerce and this is a functionality i sorely miss. it was so convenient, i used it all the time in memberpress. I was a bit disappointed when this feature wasnt included.

    Please include it ASAP.

  4. Simeon says:

    And all child pages of the child pages(s) also! This way we can restrict thousands of pages by restricting their parent page, how easy that would be!

  5. Simeon says:

    PLEASE let us know that you’re doing something to add this functionality soon!


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