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Min/Max Quantities

by  Woo
Minimum and maximum quantity rules for products, orders and categories.

Message for Customers

I have Min / Max quantities and use it on a product with many variations. I want to say that the product must be ordered in multiples of 10, and a min qty of 10, it seems to be working ok but the issue I has is that it isn’t very obvious that this is a the requirement, for example if a customer adds 7 of one variant and 2 of another, when the customer tries to check out, all they see is “There are some issues with the items in your basket. Please go back to the basket page and resolve these issues before checking out.”



Current Status


Last updated: February 14, 2024

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  1. orhanf says:

    Hiya, Orhan here from Nice to be connecting!

    On a test site, we created a Variable Product with:

    – Combine Variations enabled and;
    – a Min Quantity rule,

    if I add multiple variations to the cart, but they are still less than the Min Quantity value, then we see a detailed notice along the lines of: `To place an order, the quantity of “Product Name” must be at least 4. You currently have 2 in your cart`

    Screenshot here:

    When updating to the most recent version of Min/Max Quantities, are you still seeing different notices to the one we shared above? If so, please do reach out to our support team via email ticket and reference this feature request in the ticket body: