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More synchronize functions

We are a company which manages a lot of products in a big database with different selling options and characteristics. Therefore, we would like to have a more versatile synchronize function to help control our product information.

In response to the recommendation we got in support ticket Request #56173, we hereby submit this new feature request:

The data flow will be unidirectional, from odoo to woo commerce.
The plugin must let woo commerce update its product information based on what it finds in odoo. Therefore, we will only use the import function.

1. We need the plugin to only import information we select. For example, only the Stock Quantity information should be updated, no other information in woo commerce (such as name, photo, brand, description., etc) should be overwritten. Now if we select “Synchronize Stock” we must select the mother function “Import products” first, which contains more of the information which we would not like the plugin to bring to woo commerce.

2. We need the plugin to only import (actually, “synchronize”) information of the product that already exist in woo commerce, and not to bring all other products it finds in odoo.

Let’s say for example we have 2000 products created in odoo, among which 1500 are created with in Woocommerce as well (In other words, their SKU in Woocommerce and their internal reference in odoo are the same). We would like to make sure that when we toggle ” synchronize products” and “synchronize stock”, the plugin will not create automatically in Woocommerce the other 500 products it finds in odoo. We would like the plugin to only update those 1500 products it maps in odoo and ignore the other 500.

Support ticket URL:

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Current Status


Last updated: July 3, 2023


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  1. martinstas16455835e2 says:

    One more thing I’d like is if for the new products imported from odoo to woocommerce one could select if they are published or marked for review.

  2. martinstas16455835e2 says:

    +1 on this. There needs to be much more granularity on sync levels.