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ShipStation for WooCommerce

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Ship your WooCommerce orders with confidence, save on top carriers, and automate your processes with ShipStation.

Multiple addresses – integration with 3rd party shipping modules

Multiple addresses do not integrate with shipstation. Additionally you can’t print labels in Woo Commerce for the multiple addresses. I picked woo commerce because it had this functionality, I have a gift business and have needed this for years. Shopify now has this feature and it integrates. We are ready to launch this re-built site and just discovered I will have to manually enter all these addresses, and it’s not easy to identify them in shipstation. The orders just need to be split into single orders in woo commerce and then they can be pulled over by Shipstation or another shipping module. No way I can see to do that myself on woo


Current Status


Last updated: August 3, 2018


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Would love to see multiple shipping addresses sent to Shipstation.

  2. Hrag Kalebjian says:

    Hi guys, I love woocommerce. Thank you for making my life easier. As we get closer to the holidays most folks are trying to streamline their websites to make it easier for customers to purchase. One of those facets is shipping to multiple addresses. For example, if I want to send the same gift box to 7 people you currently have to place an order 7 different times. It sounds like your plugin called “multiple shipping addresses” is a perfect plugin, except it doesn’t play nice with the ShipStation Integration. Can you please help with that?