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Only show products that match *all* selected filters

It would be really useful if ‘Options Filtering’ found under advanced settings of a component, could also have the option of only showing products that match all of the toggled filters. For example: in the attached screenshot, only show products that have both Active Listening and Bluetooth included in their attributes.



Martin Barnes

Current Status


Last updated: February 6, 2024

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  1. orhanf says:

    The re-work of how `Options Filtering` can function to match all toggled filters can be added via custom code. A few pointers on how to achieve this:

    – Use the `woocommerce_composite_component_options_query_args` filter to change the filter query. The filter has the query arguments as the first argument — look for the `tax_query` argument in the query arguments array.

    – Change the query so that each attribute term is added as a separate `tax_query` element.

    We do have WooCommerce experts that we partner with that can help with such customizations: