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Product add ons form to be duplicated if more than one person is booking a slot

If multiple people are booking a date the Product Add ons form would be multiplied. This would allow details of multiple people to be given in the form. Also the form would be minimised until selected to avoid too much page clutter.


Current Status


Last updated: May 9, 2014


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    Ensuring a seamless user experience is crucial, and duplicating the product add-on form for multiple bookings is a thoughtful enhancement. This feature not only simplifies the booking process but also caters to the diverse, polovni automobili srbija preferences of each individual in a group. It reflects a user-centric approach, saving time and effort while enhancing customization. Kudos to the team for optimizing the booking system and accommodating the needs of multi-person reservations effortlessly!

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  13. Anonymous says:

    I have a ticket booking website where if 4 children are on the booking, we need 4 childrens details. (Eg age and gender of each child) so this idea would be great for us!

  14. jamesweb says:

    Another example of this would be Santa Winter Wonderland example, whereby the parent is making a booking for 4 children to attend the event. When the 4 is selected 4 name fields and dropdown age fields should appear for the parent ordering to populate and of course if it were 3 children choosen it would only present 3 fields for the kids names. This I am sure could apply to many situations other than this like sports applications for Tennis bookings and so on. So the javascript element to Product Addons would be very important. I hope this can be done soon.

  15. jamesweb says:

    I would love this option also for the peoples names in a text field in Product addons extension or the Gravity forms extension. Hopefully this is on the radar a while now.

  16. Glen says:

    An example is this: A user books a 5 day surf tour for them and 2 others (3 persons in total). An add-on is wetsuit hire for $20 per day per person. Currently Bookings with the Add-on’s plugin only adds the wetsuit hire for one person, so in this case would total $20 x 3 days = $60.

    But what if the other two people want to hire a wetsuit as well?
    What if only one other person wants to hire a wetsuit but the third person doesn’t?

    Giving a user who is placing a booking the ability to add Add-on’s per person would be great. Then at cart or checkout you could review all the booked persons and what add-ons they each have.