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Quantity in Accomodation bookings

Thanks for adding the accomodation bookings plugin – now the “book nights” and not days issue is solved. But I desperately need to be able to book rooms with quantity, beacause my hotel is used by groups (alternatively it could also be a solution to add the overnight option for the “normal” bookable products. This feature is a must for a hotel from my point of view! Also, the accomodations plugin must be able to handle ressouces, as two products single and double bed-room are using the same ressource (room) – this is a must have as well for a hotel…


Current Status


Last updated: January 20, 2016


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  1. latitude355 says:

    please add room quantity increase option in it where customer increase room quantity price on standard rate and should also apply on discount rate

  2. Timo Bühlmann says:

    For me adding quantities to resource-product associations is very necessary.
    I try to rent party-equipment in sets which intersect each other.

    For Example:
    Simple Speaker Set: 1xSpeaker
    Double Speaker Set: 2xSpeaker + 2xCable + Mixer

    It is very important to use the same speaker resource for an efficient booking.

    Here is my visualization:

  3. Dennis says:

    I totally agree. We are also following progress on this feature for WCBookings and AccommodationBookings. It would make us also go from Booking System Pro to Woocommerce bookings. I like the fact that all is related to WC and the whole payment/invoicestructure so i would prefer it above any other.
    But the fact that we can’t use use acc.bookings with personscount and WCBookings lacks the overnight stay option we cannot switch. It so much more logic to have overnight option in WCBookings cause that counts for every hostel, hotel, campingsite, bnb etc. We need to be able to book 1 room from lets say 14th to 20th and the next person should be able to book from 20th to whatever.
    And not from 21th, that’s missing 1 whole booking. Guests go out at 10.00 and new ones come in at 14.00 < that's logic procedure.