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Request a Quote for WooCommerce

Allow your customers to add product(s) to quote basket and ask for price estimation by submitting a customizable quote form.

quote request shows specific product on the quote

I want customers to see the product they are adding to a quote when they adding a request



Current Status


Last updated: February 7, 2024


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  1. skincabinet101 says:

    support @ addify dot co

  2. Addify says:
    Product Developer February 8, 2024 5:24 pm


    We haven’t been able to trace your email or support ticket. Can you please reconfirm the email address or share your email so we can look internally.


  3. skincabinet101 says:

    did you receive?

  4. skincabinet101 says:

    Just sent a message

  5. Addify says:
    Product Developer February 7, 2024 6:06 pm


    You can reach out to us using the following link,

    And if it doesn’t work, please feel free to email us at support @ addify . co

  6. skincabinet101 says:

    How can I show a picture?

  7. Addify says:
    Product Developer February 7, 2024 11:10 am


    Can you please share some more details? Since the extension does show the products that has been added to quote basket.