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Recurring Bookings, with Reschedule feature

I’m currently using Birchpress for my bookings with WooCommerce. I’ve only stayed with them because they have promised a recurring booking feature. However, they don’t seem like they are going to develop this feature anytime soon, so if you would develop this recurring function, I’d be more than happy to switch over.

I run a school, where we do private tutoring. Clients sign up for a time slot and they have their class the same day and same time every week. It is impossible for us to manually enter every client, every week. We very much need to have a recurring booking, where we can add a client indefinitely and assign them to a staff member, as well as a room.

In addition, it would be great to see 1. A rescheduling function, where clients or staff can reschedule an appointment one time, or for all future events, just like google calendar does. It would also be nice to see a limit on the number or reschedulings a client is allowed to make 2. Integration with subscriptions – since our clients pay a monthly fee, they should be charged like a subscription to have access to the reschedule and scheduling features.

Current Status


Last updated: May 31, 2014


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  1. Costa Caruso says:

    Also needed for room rentals. Rooms are rented by the month and they choose how many months they expect to stay. They all can’t afford to pre-pay.

    So if they choose eg. 6 months, they have to then remember to login and pay at the beginning of every month — ouch.

    So either recurring billing or subscriptions need to be integrated with Bookings.

  2. David says:

    I’ve needed something like this since I started using WC nearly 4 years ago… We’re so close!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is essential. The products is worthless for me without it.

  4. rockie667 says:

    We also need this feature – in our case for setting up courses. A customer should be able to book a course, which is conducted on several days, by one booking. So, at the moment the bookings plugin is pretty senseless for course management.

  5. Steve says:

    Recurring bookings seems a pretty fundamental feature of a booking system. Any idea when we might see this?

  6. CC says:

    Integration with Subscriptions extension is also very important for us…

  7. UnlimitedIT says:

    My client has a similar need. They run a community centre and make rooms available for activities. Some of those activities recur on a regular basis. Rather than marking the rooms as unavailable for casual booking it would be preferable to make a recurring booking for the activity in the room. Then billing for that recurring booking could also be achieved via WooCommerce Bookings.

    So when might we expect to see this functionality? I know it’s on the roadmap but an indication of its place in the development schedule would be helpful so that I can manage client expectations.

  8. Steve says:

    I have several clients that could make use recurring bookings. Currently adding multiple bookings to an order is tedious and progressively slower with every additional booking added. Meaning that I’m going to be forced to abandon Woocommerce Bookings, which is a shame because other than this (essential) feature it’s a great plugin.

  9. RM says:

    This is a wonderful plugin but It is unbelievably tedious to try to add multiple bookings at one time. This is especially the case if the bookings are in later months in the year because the calendar automatically returns to the current month.

    So to book additional time slots, users have to navigate through the months all over again. It is a complaint coming in and it would be useful to have a recurring feature or at the least be able to select multiple slots simultaneously before booking.

  10. Elisabeth Flores says:

    We need this feature also. The system could allow someone to be able to pick “Saturday” and then pick the “Length” for how many weeks they want that running.
    Otherwise the process to enter a recurring booking 52 times is just too tedious.
    If this is in the plan for WooCommerce Bookings, can you please notify an ETA?

  11. webresults says:

    I need to book appointments on Tuesday at 2PM and Thursday at 8 PM, for 5 weekly recurrences. I also need to be able to assigned a resource to the recurring block or to individual appointments.

    alternatively I’d like to be able to select 10 dates and times on a resource calendar.

  12. Beth says:

    If anyone wants a little help with this I have done it for booking courses on a single date or for a 6 week term. You can see it here, http://pedalabikeaway.co.uk/product/full-term-little-fodders-winter/ Although fully booked you can still book some of the individual sessons.

    If I get some use case understanding I will create a plugin for it. Please feel free to email me, Beth hello@doitsimply.co.uk

  13. TOTLD says:

    I have multiple clients who would love to use this extension but require recurring bookings. So far I have one client who is using Bookings and loves it, but even they would benefit from the introduction of recurring bookings.

    This is surely a must-have for any booking-related extension…I see it is listed as “on the roadmap” but it has been this way for over two years now. Please consider it sooner than later! It would make the extension vastly more versatile.

  14. Eivind says:

    It should work for rescheduling physical goods too in case of e.g. vacation but not wanting to have to wait 3 months for a new shipment if you suspended and every thoird month is your shipping interval. For me who is into consumer goods this is crucial. Someone may want their product sooner if they ran out or even delay a week or two if they have too much.

  15. dariush Ojabonian says:

    The very important feature that should be there..
    Our Client wants to plan weekly appointments like the one below with the ability of payments:
    Every week on these days:
    saturday, monday, wednesday 17:00-19:00 during a month (ex. march)
    The bookable block for purchase can be every 30 mins. It means every 30 mins costs 100$ for example.

  16. Calvin says:

    With some improvements to Bookings, yes this would be great.

  17. Trent says:

    This would take it to the next level. Had to take a client to an entirely different solution outside of WooCommerce.

  18. anonymous says:

    This will be awesome.

  19. Becky Sumpster says:

    This would be so so helpful – please add!

  20. Paul says:

    Really Essential I think but I’m finding this such a hard feature to find in any system despite the importance

  21. ETNA Centre says:

    We first started using Woocommerce Bookings more than 2 years ago and I asked for this feature back then and was told it was on the roadmap. Still nothing. 🙁 Your blurb on the product page says it’s on the roadmap but when are we going to see it developed. Absolutely essential for a complete switch to online room booking for our non-profit community venue.

  22. Beth says:

    I have created a plugin to do this. I am just tidying up some of the functionality, but would love more people to test it.

    You can see my write up on how to do it yourself here, http://doitsimply.co.uk/how-to-create-reoccurring-boookings-with-woocommerce/

    If you would like to test the plugin for me, please get in touch.

  23. Rowan says:

    PLEASE ADD 🙂 xxxxx

  24. Amber Nicole Cannan says:

    Please add this ASAP!

  25. ETNA Centre says:

    Unfortunately, this feature is not going to be coming to WooCommerce Bookings any time soon. I’ve just had my third chat in as many months with one of the WooCommerce support team. Despite this being the No3 most requested feature for Bookings, I’ve been told the following:

    “…we talked to product development, and they told us the same thing we’ve been telling you. We will not work on this in the short-term. We have no timeline for when we will work on this.”

    I’m afraid this ideas board is pretty much being ignored for product development prioritisation. So if you still have a need for the recurring bookings feature, perhaps you might create a support ticket and tell the support team direct just how upset you are that 4 years since Jason S shared this idea, and 324 votes later (at time of writing), nothing has been done about it.

  26. Anonymous says:

    When will the feature of allowing users to update their own bookings come into play?

  27. Steven says:

    I have the exact same issue as Jason S,it’s four years since his post as WooCommerce don’t appear interested (Birchpress also have not immediate plans either) could anyone suggest the best alternative ?

  28. Anonymous says:

    You can see my recurring booking plugin http://plugins.doitsimply.co.uk/. I have also helped several businesses create a bespoke version of this for their own sites/clients. I am more than happy to point you in the right direction. plugins@doitsimply.co.uk

  29. Ben Roberts says:

    I have just released a free plugin that allows a user to create manual recurring bookings from the back-end, removing the need to enter every booking, for every week. Lots more features planned, once I have determined what people need most from it. Would love some feedback from anyone who has given it a try – https://wordpress.org/plugins/recurring-bookings-for-woocommerce/

  30. Irena Stopar says:

    I just bought the extension and miss this feature with the subscription model. I need it for my therapy sessions and for students for additional private coaching.

  31. asasasas says:


  32. Luke Lindberg says:

    We need this functionality as well, including integration with Subscriptions for billing.

    We have a horse farm where people should be able to sign up for weekly lessons at a recurring day and time each week, but then be billed monthly on the 15th of each month.

    Right now it seems a partial workaround will be to make a subscriptions product to setup the monthly billing that then gives you access and a coupon code to “purchase” the Booking Product for no additional cost… but this still doesn’t solve the need to make that bookable product recurring without expiration, until the subscription product is cancelled.

  33. Lungu Andrei says:

    YUP for this!

    Recurring Bookings!

  34. Vincent says:

    This is a must have feature for me. you have my vote. I currently have woocommerce bookings but had to purchase another plugin as an add-on

  35. Andrew Evans says:

    It would be great if we could select a number of dates per booking. For instance a course that runs on a Friday for 5 weeks, or can be 5 days in a row.

  36. Roy. F says:

    An absolute must have feature out of the box. Very surprised its not coded in there already. This is a must have feature for me. I am using woocommerce bookings but had to purchase another plugin as an add-on not to happy about that. Any way please get the Recurring Bookings, with Reschedule feature in there woowhoo!!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    This needs to happen, but it’s obvious despite a tremendous number of votes that the team has decided the customer base is going to be ignored. Come on guys, make this happen.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Why is this getting ignored?

  39. Agata Szybowska says:

    SIX F YEARS this has been ignored?
    Not to mention, this idea which is also top ten, is kind of the same anyway: https://ideas.woocommerce.com/forums/133476-woocommerce/suggestions/5963757-block-bookings-on-woocommerce-bookings
    so all together this is by far the most demanded functionality 🙂

  40. Alice Boogert says:

    This feature would really make a lot of difference for my business. Please consider this for 2021 planning. Thanks

  41. Jason Roberts says:

    There is this plugin https://www.tychesoftwares.com/store/premium-plugins/woocommerce-booking-plugin/ which works completely fine for me. Recurring booking addon works great with WooCommerce Subscription plugin to give me recurring bookings each month.

  42. Rob Record says:

    In my use case, I would need recurring bookings to tie into the Subscriptions plugin for a recurring booking that does not expire until manually cancelled; just as with repeating appointments in an electronic calendar.

    As it stands, this is an obvious addition to the plugin that would enhance its value greatly. 543 votes and 6 years, it’s got to be time!

    I’m looking forward to Ben Robert’s plugin version 2 (bouncingsprout recurring bookings), which I hope can do this for WooCommerce Bookings. Otherwise I will have to revert to Tyche software’s booking plugin.

  43. Freddie Fox says:

    That would be an interesting feature if you can add it. https://3cre.com/commercial-real-estate-cincinnati-ohio/

  44. Marc says:

    Not a single word from Automattic in 6 years and 550 votes.. Votes are just from people who know about wooideas and take the time to come here: many more are frustrated by these missing features.. Come on WC, at least say something!

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  50. Marco says:

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