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Accept all major debit and credit cards as well as local payment methods with Stripe.

Reporting and Analytics, need to add “Net Payment” data to account for Stripe fees

For account purposes I need to tie purchases by product and/or category to the actual dollar amounts paid out in Stripe.
The bank account just has a lump sum amount and if I try to decipher what was purchased strictly from the Stripe side, I cannot, because the product details are not part of the reporting (on Stripe dashboard).

On the WooCommerce side, the reporting is actually very good but the dollar amounts are all the “list” price and do not reflect the net amount after stripe fees. The Stripe fees are easily computed, but I shouldn’t need to do the math; this is why we have computers.

I would like to see this fixed on the WooCommerce side, because it’s already more detailed than Stripe, but also because I allow checks if the purchase amount is over $300, and that means those numbers don’t even show up in Stripe.
WooCommerce has all the information to report what I need.

Therefore, I am filing this request for enhancement to whatever combination of WooCommerce Stripe Gateway and base WooCommerce plugin is required to achieve it.

Net net, we need improved reporting in WooCommerce, such that stripe fees are easily accounted for in the product and category reporting and analytics.


Current Status


Last updated: December 6, 2020


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  1. dimensionsfoundation says:

    Also agree 110%. Knowing the net revenue is key to financial management. There are other threads about this including this one:

    And, it’s important enough that there are third-party apps for this. It really needs to be a part of the native functionality.

  2. mataxschool says:

    At the very least, a workaround. Not having this makes the analytics useless.

  3. tulipsquare says:

    Agreed! We absolutely need to be able to see the fees!

  4. BionicSquid says:

    Agree 110%. WooCommerce reports are rendered useless without the Stripe fee being part of the Net calculation.