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Resource Hierarchy – Ability to Mass Book Resources/Bookable Products

‘This idea would be to have a hierarchy for resources to be able to mass-book resources or bookable products down the chain.
Full Space
– Small Space 1
– Small Space 2
– Large Space 1
– Tiny space 1
– Tiny space 2

So, if you booked, Large Space 1, it would automatically block the booking for Tiny space 1 & Tiny space 2 (this works with existing functionality using a shared resource).

But if you wanted to book Full Space, it doesn’t work because you can’t have multiple resources (shows something like multiple slots available).

Real-world examples:

Say you have an inn. And someone wants to book the entire inn for a wedding instead of individual rooms. It would be great to select a bookable product (“entire inn”) that would have a price associated and then by booking that, would automatically block out all of the rooms of the inn.

Or another real-world scenario: a photography rental studio with a few individual studios within. Users can rent individual studios (side note: setting up a “resource” for studios that share the same space which works with existing functionality), but we can’t set up a “full studio” rental that would automatically block out all of the studios/resources in one shot.

Hope that makes sense.


Current Status


Last updated: February 27, 2018


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  1. Ronny Tobler says:

    This is exactly what we need! , I’d add the following feature in the scenario of courses or adventure games:
    Tiny space can hold 5 people. If Service 1 is booked in that space only service 1 can be booked in that space for additonal spaces but not Service 2.
    For more details please have a look at support ticket: 1914024

  2. Michael Sheehan says:

    Whoops spacing in the example were removed. To clarify
    Full Space:
    1) Small Space 1
    2) Small Space 2
    3) Large Space 1
    3a) Tiny Space 1
    3b) Tiny Space 2
    Tiny space is nested under Large space. Read the scenarios for better explanation.