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WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages

Split your cart into separate packages, with dedicated shipping configurations.

Rules depending on Product Attribute or Meta data

I can see that there aren’t much data we can use to create rules depending on product. It would be great to add a Product’s attribute or meta data to drastically increase the user choice.

For example, I’d like to split it by supplier. There is no way to do it in an easy way at the moment.



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Last updated: January 31, 2023

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  1. deidesigninc says:

    I was about to leave this request. This is a must because Shipping Class is linked to the actual shipping class for WooCommerce FedEx plugin, so by using the Shipping Class to group items we had to give up the actual freight classification of the products.

    Grouping by Custom field (Meta) or tag allows the shipping class to be available for what it’s meant to be