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Product Add-Ons

by  Woo
Offer add-ons like gift wrapping, special messages or other special options for your products.

Select which global add-on to use at product level

Having a global “colour” add-on, for example, that you can update the colours in when you offer new colour options. BUT, at the product level, you can select the global add-on you want to assign to the product, instead of excluding the category add-on, and giving it it’s own add-on.

That is what I was expecting to be able to do with this add-on, but sadly that is not how it works ;(

I have the same colour or pattern for products in various different categories. But, not everything in that category gets this option.
And some items get a 2nd or 3rd add-on.

This is all well and good to code when you set up the product, but when you add a colour to your range, you have to export, then import to ALL products with that colour option. And some items have a choice of “colour” or “pattern”, some products in the same category only have colour OR pattern, not a choice of both, and you cannot exclude some of the add-ons, only all.

Please please please let me choose at product level which global add-ons are for each product !!!


Current Status


Last updated: September 12, 2021

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  1. brianmitchtay says:

    Advanced Exclusion options at the product level could facilitate some serious time savings and simplified workflows.

    Another option that could be nice would be to allow for global addons to be applied to individual products, rather than only being able to select categories to which groups of global addons apply.