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All-In-One Product Slider Carousel for WooCommerce

The All-in-One Product Slider Carousel is a beautiful slider extension designed for WooCommerce with an easy interface.

Set product image height as well as width

Set product image height as well as width



Current Status


Last updated: January 31, 2023


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  1. nikgandhi says:
    Product Developer January 20, 2024 3:07 am

    @jimsimons007, Can you send me your slider URL to check so that I can see what problem in your product slider. As it may possible CSS conflicts.

  2. jimsimons007 says:

    It’s surprising to me that there appears to be no way to control this. Does the plugin want a particular size of image? My subscription is almost up and I’m looking elsewhere because this feature seems so simple and so necessary.

  3. jimsimons007 says:

    I need this. Everything else is nice and clean but currently my images are being distorted.