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We need this in South Africa


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Last updated: June 29, 2021


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  1. eleanor94joseph

    hurricane window and screen Miami using woocommerce for the booking, is it the best way?

  2. eleanor94joseph

    how can i check capital plus auditing of accounts using woocommerce or not?

  3. azoniastored48a6e848e

    This will make things much more easier from out side

  4. jacqulinewelch12

    Woocommerce can be used for the booking of wellness retreat website ?

  5. jacqulinewelch12

    Can i use the woocommerece to order the microdose of the magic mushroom retreats
    Plz let me know

  6. memailmarketing2

    Can we add the Fitness Retreat Tulum woocommerce booking in our website.

  7. memailmarketing2

    Hi, I am using squarespace website but to shift on wordpress and add the woocommerce with product. Is there any good way to do that my webiste is

  8. Thami Mvelase

    Please add Woocommerce payment to South Africa

  9. Ncedo

    This service is absolutely going to be a value add for South African merchants and customers alike. Please do what you can to support our country.

  10. simeon oreshkov

    Please add Woocommerce payment to South Africa

  11. cyrilbarrath

    Any idea when this will be available in South Africa?

  12. szcafrica

    Why is it not supported in South Africa?…seems a bit ridiculous to be excluded!!

  13. flowwalldesk

    Woocommerce Payments Needed In South Africa

  14. butterstitchstore

    This would be a game changer for South Africa. There thousands of WooCommerce stores in SA.

  15. bestdreambeds

    Sweet Dreams offer a huge collection of mattresses, bed frames and bedroom furniture. With everything manufactured in house.

  16. frederickterblanch

    For woocommerce payment in South-Africa will be a blessing , as website building agency in South-Africa building mostly ecommerce websites that is one thing we would love to have.

  17. channonlecodeymerricks

    Why leave Africa from the WOO Payments Systems with a 1 Billion Population and South Africa with a 60 Million Population , It dont make business sense

  18. joshualichtman

    Please consider South Africa as there aren’t any other decent payment providers, thank you!

  19. tasotaboy

    This is the first time I visit your blog. I found so much interesting stuff in your blog

  20. bert103

    Please add support for SA!!

  21. David Venter

    Please allow us to use this in South Africa! But also allow us to choose the default currency. I’m based in South Africa but all my products and services are priced in USD. I would like to keep selling in USD even though I’m in South Africa, but having ZAR, EUR, GBP, etc. as options would be good too.

  22. Evelyn Piper

    You’re going to need a machine that’s up to the task. An embroidery machine for hats is designed to handle thicker, heavier fabrics, including denim, burlap, towels, and of course, hats. Here URL:

  23. Sherwin Louw

    Woocommerce Payments Needed In South Africa

  24. Nelson B. Cooper

    WooCommerce can now proudly say that we are the first e-commerce platform in South Africa where you can start selling for free in South African rands today. for more details see here:

  25. Chris Young

    Please add WooCommerce Payments for South Africa!