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WooCommerce Bookings pricing rules for individual person types + range of days

Pricing rules for individual person types was completed. But pricing rules for individual person types + range of days is not able to make it.

For setting as simple as one Adult price in weekend and one Child price in weekend can’t be done unless they increase in the same amount.

The feature for pricing rules for individual person types + range of days is greatly needed if it claims to be suitable for the use in hotel booking.


Current Status


Last updated: September 18, 2015


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  1. Gerold says:

    Definitly urgently needed! Couls someone of the developers team answer?

  2. vuthetuan says:

    I need same thing. Thank you!

  3. zastrvotenetgr says:

    Truly this company does not care. They just collect the checks lol.

  4. James O'Sullivan says:

    Any movement on this feature as its been almost a decade now? Just curious as to why this is taking so long as right now a single person booking you cannot add on a an extra fee for example per night?

  5. emirates4youtoursafari says:

    My problem is also not solvable at the moment. I have tours and tickets. And I have different prices for adults and for children. Or sometimes for resources. That is normal. Now I have a price increase for various tickets from January 1st, 2023, different for adults and children, so not just 10% for both. For a couple of weeks I’ve been trying to figure out how to solve this. For a basic price I could do it, but when I have two or more groups of people it doesn’t work. In addition, I often have free admission for babies and the increase in the basic price would suddenly result in a price increase. And that would be wrong. My only option is on the night of 12/31. change the prices. But that doesn’t make sense either, because we have a lot of customers who book long in advance. And I would lose that if my prices were only displayed until December. That means lost sales! It is very important for me to be able to say when it comes to prices for people and resources: the price is valid until…. and the price is valid from. These ranges can be set everywhere (in the case of availability, for example), but not in the case of the cost per group of people or per resource. And that is absolutely necessary. That’s what I would really expect from a plugin that is special for Bookings and what I’ve paid for.
    And creating a product twice is not a solution either (duplicate content). I’ve been trying to find a solution with support for days, but we keep coming up against the limits.

  6. Shawn says:

    This should operate so that the Costs=>Range ‘Base cost’ option can use a variable assignment in addition to “addition/subtraction/multiplication/division/equals”. The variable would be one of Person Cost, Resource Cost, Base Cost and so on. This would allow assignments to use much more extensive control of pricing behaviors.

  7. Devin says:

    I need same thing

  8. Steven Madrigal Alfaro says:

    Good afternoon!! I need the same thing. Thank you!!

  9. Tom says:

    I have made this feature as an addon if anyone is interested,

  10. Tom says:

    ‘I also need similar.

    In my case I am using resources instead of people. My two resources for my boat trip are;

    – Resource A
    – Resource B

    I can make each resource add a certain amount on to the price but this can’t vary due to date/time.

    I need ‘Resource A’ to be +$10 at 10:00 to 12:00 but +$30 at 12:00 to 18:00.

    I need ‘Resource B’ to be +$10 at 10:00 to 12:00 but +$60 at 12:00 to 18:00.

    There’s no way to do this. A solution could be to add an extra column in the cost ‘add range’ option that lets you select the resource to apply to new rule to.

  11. Casper Sand says:

    Is there any update on this yet? It should be such a simple thing to do.

  12. Julian says:

    Any advance in this? I think this option should be enabled in the system, since the real life prices applies differently in this category, call it adults and children, or residents and visitors, etc.

    My example is simple, in this tour, during easter prices vary, for adults and children, I tried different combinations, but not luck whatsoever.

  13. anonymous says:

    I have the same issue.
    It is not possible to set a price depending on number of persons AND time range…
    This should be basic stuff…

  14. Thanasis Giannoulis says:

    I think there should be conditional rules for all range type rules AND the individual person types.

    If person_count = 3 AND person_type = Adult AND person_type = Children

  15. ltdev says:

    Yeah, also trying to use this to sell hotel rooms, where hotels are products and room types are resources for that product.

    Besides coming across this same issue with the person types, there’s also the inability to set different cost ranges with different variations “per resource”.

    For example, If I have 2 rooms (resources) with base block cost at 10 and 20 respectively, and wish to vary this price depending on the dates, I can only do that if all rooms vary by the same amount. So I can’t make one room be 15 and the other 22 for example, they would have to go to either 15/25 or 12/22 (by setting a cost range: from x to y: +5 or +2)

    To solve this one would also need an extra field on the cost range creation form to select the resource type, so I could say something like: from x to y AND if the resource is Z: +2

    Even better would be a more flexible rule system where one could, for each rule, add a different combination of factors combined by AND/OR operators and the ability to select resources, person types, number of days selected, etc.

    This would allow for individual control of varying prices for different combinations of rooms, number and type of people, specific dates, minimum stays, etc.

    There is an extension for this bookings plugin that adds an “accomodation” type product but that is even less useful than the “bookable product” since it doesn’t even allow us to add resources or person types.

  16. Terence says:

    Indeed a good idea! Not just for hotel rooms, but for package tours where Adult and Child person types have different pricing. In some cases, when total number is under a certain minimum, the person type will have different pricing. Something like a bulk discount or vice versa.

    What could be good is also instead of +/- from Base/Block Cost, maybe just a fixed cost that overrides calculations.

  17. Tyron Bahce says:

    Any update on this yet? Or is there are work around that we are missing here to get this to work?

  18. Casper Sand says:

    I’m in desperate need of an update that will make this possible. My only alternative is to change my prices for person types so they will increase with the same amount. Which is kind of a bad solution.