WooCommerce Bookings: Require multiple resources for product

WooCommerce Bookings should be able to require multiple resources for a booking to be available. At least it should be able to require ALL attached resources to be available.

E.g. if I have a service X that requires person A and person B to be available, but person A and person B also sell other services so the availability depends of whether both persons are available. I should be able to create person A and person B as resources and attach them to product for service X and require both resources to be available for the block to be available.

Current Status


Last updated: October 26, 2015


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  1. Nicolas says:

    This seems to go hand in hand with this suggestion. http://ideas.woocommerce.com/forums/133476-woocommerce/suggestions/11234082-improve-resources-options-and-global-availability

    But instead of checking against 1 available global spot for any ressources, we check against 2 joint resource being available at the same time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Suggested in 2015 – looks like it won’t be a thing. It’s a shame because look how many votes it’s received.

  3. Ben Weston says:

    We desperately need this feature and I can imagine that, for lots of businesses in our industry and beyond, the lack of it is a deal-breaker.

  4. Jonathon says:

    Can this please be done? Why after all these years and votes do the feature requests not get implemented?

  5. ronin ron says:

    Woo Commerce Bookings should be able to require multiple resources for a booking to be available. This was updated.. I also use it to sell snow day items on this platform.https://www.thesnowdaypredictor.com/

  6. The Wading Kit says:

    Woo Commerce should have already implemented this feature. It would be helpful to alot of people. I can also use this on my site https://thewadingkit.com/

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