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WooCommerce + in store POS integration

There are almost NO solutions for this currently… the best we’ve found is by using Vend (http://www.vendhq.com) + Shopify (http://www.vendhq.com/tour/xero-shopify). This option however leaves us with a base wp website and secondary shopify subdomain as our online store.

What I would LOVE is a solution where a program like Vend can sync directly with the WooCommerce solution resulting in ONE website backend to manage. (this would also allow for easier ways to purchase directly from related blog posts)

Current Status


Last updated: August 15, 2022


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  1. CMW Web FX says:

    Fantastic… seems someone is in the same boat. Vend is the perfect POS system for the bricks and mortar. WooCom is the perfect Online solution for eCommerce. Can’t the devs look into bringing these together?

    Shopify has done this already with Vend integration.

  2. DeepTitanic says:

    I’m only working with small medium businesses and that most of the time that means shops.

    I would love more options for linking to epos systems as its the only thing I cant cover with my current skill set. I would love to be able to work the current epos api’s but for the moment at least it’s beyond my php level.

    I’ve already +3’d this so all can do now is keep on commenting … if you guys see any similar threads, let’s bring them together!

  3. DeepTitanic says:

    More POS integration please!

    I’d like to see as many POS integrations as there are for payment gateways 🙂

  4. DeepTitanic says:
  5. Aaron Gregory says:

    I wish there was a POS retail plugin for Woo, Would use it in my new store that im opening in three months so three votes for this.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is pretty much a must for at least 3 projects I’ve worked on recently. The client has a physical store and want to expand to e-commerce. So without POS integration, my clients have MUCH more overhead on staff time. I’m quite surprised it isn’t already possible.

    Finger’s crossed!!

  7. Uddhava says:

    The market of POS software is pretty outdated, except a few newcomers like vendhq, Checkoutapp, and shopkeep. But these are generally all online webpos systems. And then its needs to synchronize with Woo or Shopify.. That will only work when you have a good designed plugin that is properly maintained.

    so i hope the Woo team sees the value of creating a plugin that acts like a POS and uses the Woocommerce database to process the orders. I think that the only way i would trust this synchronization if it is developed by the Woo team for their expertise of the Framework.
    And i dont mind paying for it.

    And to put another cherry on top of the cake; it would be great if the plugin could also work offline. (with html5 buffering). Then you can always serve the customer, even when the website is down for a moment.

  8. Lisa Morina says:

    EPoS solutions also assist in keeping track record of bulk purchases made from different manufacturers and wholesalers.


  9. Jason Judge says:

    I am just about to start on the first phase of a project to move an online shop to WooCommerce. There is a bricks-and-mortar shop behind the e-commerce side, with spreadsheets to move stock data back and forth.

    For the second phase (likely October) we would like to integrate with Vend. I don’t think the client has the budget for all the development work, but they are very much aware they do need to move in that direction.

    So, if anyone is interested, I am happy to work on an integration module (assuming no-one else is doing so) with a number of clients to share the costs, and to get something together that all can use (so flexibility would be a key requirement). Obviously you know nothing of my skills at this stage, but please feel free to contact me to discuss if you think this could work.

    I’ll just leave that out there as a thought.

  10. Uddhava says:

    Personally i think that VendHQ and ShopKeep are pretty expensive. We run a very small yoga store and spending $50/mo on a online cash register is not a viable option.

    Creating a Point of Sale Plugin for Woo would be an excellent idea.!

  11. Joshua Patterson says:

    I am just wondering if anyone has thought about integrating PHP pos with woo, seems like it should not be that hard… It would be really nice if it worked..

  12. Dan the MaN says:

    Is there any progress or update on whether woo will take this on next?

  13. Jason Judge says:

    We’ve been looking at this, integrating with a number of other systems through API. The problem we are finding here is that EVERY system wants to be the central inventory system, including WooCommerce. With multiple outlet channels (i.e. website and physical shop, which is essentially what having a POS is about), trying to manage and synchronise multiple inventory systems is a hard problem to solve.

  14. BaseQuatro says:

    Woocommerce should be the central inventory system, would love to hear some integration on this

  15. Shawn says:

    We need to have an extension that would allow a register application on an iPad, iPhone and or Andriod device like SquareUp register. an integrated swipe device like squareup would be perfect to connect all of my inventory and transaction could be in one place.

  16. Scott says:

    Has anyone tried the Quickbooks POS integration?

  17. Joost says:

    Are there any POS integration solutions for Woocommerce to run a central inventory for brick and mortar and webshop at the samen time?

  18. Michael says:

    http://www.polarpos.com claims to do this, still investigating further. It is cheaper than Erply – $499 licence and e-commerce packages from $15pcm

  19. Azrac Australia says:

    This is a must please do this someone

  20. Tyler says:

    Please do this! Integrate woo with Vendhq

  21. Paula says:

    Yes please, I am creating an ecomm store now and am looking at POS, I really want to use WooCommerce but we need the POS option. Does anyone know if there is an eta for this?

  22. Jason Judge says:


    For there to be an ETA, there needs to be a plan. And for that there needs to be a sponsor, and owner, someone to coordinate the project. That can either be a pooling of resources between projects that all need something similar, or one party creating a product to fit a gap in the market.

    So the question is: are you all waiting for a product to drop on your lap, with an attached cost, or is there a group that could be put together to start collecting the *actual* requirements, including what people are willing to pay and what the scope should be.

  23. smartsite says:

    We are using woocommerce for over 100 online stores (http://ommerchants.com) and currently working on a pos app development that could possibly provide a stand alone woocommerce pos via mobile device and quite possibly existing POS hardware. Any feed back and/or expression of interest will be welcome.

  24. Ian K. says:

    Yes. Please. Please. Please!

  25. Matthew Keath says:

    I think Woo needs to encourage or sponsor a team to create an add on for all the major POS and inventory systems.

    I love Woo, but for retail there needs to be a POS and inventory that I can recommend will work with their WooCommerce store.

  26. David Kart says:

    I’m going to try POSSync which provides a sync between Vend + Woo Commerce. During this writing it is still in Beta though.


  27. kamlesh says:
  28. DStephens says:

    Having your inventory and order management data controlled by any front end system, ie a POS app or the web app of the day, is like the tail wagging the dog. As multi channel sales evolve, these apps will be changing – woo commerce, magento, ebay stores, and POS will all play a role, but not the primary role. Company data should be kept in a database that is open source and independent. There is no such project underway that I know of, but this is the one that I would love to find.

  29. Jason Judge says:

    ‘@DStephens totally agree. The closest I have found to an open source inventory system is what is built into OpenERP (https://www.openerp.com/) but I have not played around with it much. There ar SAAS alternatives such as two startups local to me I’ve been following: Order Harmony and Moltin (http://www.orderharmony.com/ and https://molt.in/) They are not open source, but promise to look after your data and let you take it away when you need to, but they are a good example of how I think this stuff should work. Using these two products, the inventory and shop back end would be handle by their systems, and the shop front-end would just not store local products, but handle them all through and API to Moltin, which then interfaces to Order Harmony. The POS and stock-taking processes would then bypass the shop front-en entirely and communicate directly with the back end service.

    Sorry if that is a bit OT, but I think it is an approach that tackles the POS problem face-on by accepting that WooCommerce is a one-channel solution that is great at what it does, but has this limitation.

  30. Jason Judge says:

    Wish I could edit posts – sorry, that last one was riddled with typos. Just to be clear, I’m not trying to sell those two particular solutions. They are just two examples that can be explored now to understand how the architecture of e-commerce can be set up. There will be similar products, and hopefully similar open source projects for people on a budget or needing to customise their own business processes into it.

    I guess one way to look at it is this: there are ecommerce online shops, WooCommerce being a great example, that do exactly what they are designed to do. Then there are businesses that must manage multiple channels, and an online shop is just one part of that overall strategy, bolted on to the front. Those solutions have been available to the big enterprises up until now, with deep pockets to develop those systems. I hope that is going to change.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Thank you contributor in helping me unravel as far as whats available for my business.
    So far I’ve come to no perfect solution with integreting both POS and E-commerce. If your shop offers limited items or options on items, the search is easier. Unfortunately I have thousands of skus and variations. Here is what I’ve come up with; use TradeGecko (or similar) as the core Inventory Management component, Woo as e-commerce, and (teeth cringing) shopify POS/ QB POS. I’m not pleased with the POS offerings and so I wait. Otterology is able to pull info off of Squareup, now if they broadened it’s capabilities, perhas we would be able to tie it with Woo.

  32. Anonymous says:


    In October we released a WooCommerce Integrator that connects Quickbooks POS to WooCommerce. It does a nice job of synchronizing Quickbooks POS inventory with WooCommerce and it sends online order and customer information from WooCommerce to Quickbooks POS. You can read more about it here:


    This WooCommerce Integrator also connects to 13 other POS systems today if you were to ever need it. If you need help or have questions, feel free to contact us: http://www.modernretail.com

    Our Quickbooks POS integration dates back to 2006 so we know it pretty good. 😉 Thanks.


    Todd Myers

  33. Uddhava says:

    Add another option:
    A POS GUI built into Woocommerce or as a extra plugin.

  34. Mike says:

    Ok, here are the most up-to-date options:

    1. WooCommerce-built POS Integration – This could be native GUI inside WC, or built as an Extension (possibly free or paid)
    2. WooCommerce + Vend + Linksync + PayPal – Note Vend provides an “Extra Small” service level that is free.
    3. WooCommerce + WooCommerce POS (on WordPress.org) — also has Pro Version
    4. WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) (on CodeCanyon)
    5. The desktop POS from epointofsale.sinticbolivia.net

  35. Developer says:

    I wonder if there is interest in a payed app for either Android, IOS or Windows that lets you scan the barcode of the product in the store and updates wooCommerce and alerts you through the app when a product is sold (sold out) in the webshop.

  36. Dean - Datalynk UK says:

    We have an excellent solution in place with Virtuemart for Joomla. The POS system is bootstrap based and works well on desktop and tablet. I would be interested in porting this to Woocommerce if there is enough interest.

  37. Mike says:

    More researching — Current up-to-date options:

    1. WooCommerce-built POS Integration – This could be native GUI inside WC, or built as an Extension (possibly free or paid) and connecting to existing POS such as Bindo, Harbortouch, Lightspeed, PayPal Here, Square Register (per their survey).
    2. WooCommerce + Vend + Linksync + PayPal – Note Vend provides an “Extra Small” service level that is free.
    3. WooCommerce + Vend + Vend iPad POS. There is a company that may be building a plugin/extension to connect WC to Vend directly (wisdmlabs.com, check their blog)
    4. WooCommerce + WooCommerce POS (on WordPress.org) — also has Pro Version
    5. WooCommerce + TradeGecko (they are working on WC integration) — TradeGecko has their own POS interface.
    6. WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) (on CodeCanyon)
    7. The desktop POS from epointofsale.sinticbolivia.net
    8. TBD – Dean from Datalynk UK may port their Virtuemart solution to WooCommerce

    Note: Many POS systems noted above do not specifically address Restaurant capability, so POS functionality is limited to standard Retail POS use-cases. Some POS apps, like ShopKeep are more suited for Restaurant applications.

  38. Anonymous says:

    The plugin WooCommerce POS does not have all the features I need. The code canyon one does not seem to have support for coupons. I can’t figure out how to install the desktop one. Anyone have any ideas?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Check this out: https://www.linksync.com/integrate/vend-woocommerce-pos-integration
    It is in the beta testing phase though, but it looks promising.

  40. Jason McDermott says:

    I’m very happy with Woocommerce + Linksync + Vend syncing. Very fast, good user support (from LinkSync & Vend) and mostly seamless.

  41. Mike says:

    There’s also now WooCommerce Integrator which sync WC with 16+ POS/ERP systems.

    Though there’s no pricing available on the company’s website, so not sure what the cost is.

  42. kivfer says:

    I don’t know how WooCommerce hasn’t created their own POS system already. Having to pay for a separate POS system and then pay for a third party integrating system seems excessive and unnecessary (not to mention confusing for many clients).

    There is a HUGE demand for WooCommerce POS. How has this not been developed already?

  43. Cliff Kujala says:

    If linksync can get WooCommerce to sync every 5 minutes with Vend, pushing orders, customers, and products either direction, then why doesn’t WooThemes buy some of that tech and build out their own iOS POS App. Ditch the sync, and go direct. I’d happily pay a monthly fee to use that.

  44. Myles says:

    Would anyone be wiling to share samples or more info on integration with FileMaker?

  45. Preston Mitchell says:

    Take a look at woopos. It brings in the POS portion of what you’re looking for and inventory management is already handled by woocommerce. The remaining piece (bookkeeping) is all that’s left.

  46. Anonymous says:

    We are working on developing a POS solution for WooCommerce. Stay tuned. Anyone who is interested in it can sign up here: http://goo.gl/forms/CxDFp3g4sp

    I will also be needing beta testers at some point.

  47. Pat Bhakta says:

    Depending on the store why couldn’t you just setup a cheap chrome book at the store? When a customer wants to checkout, the clerk can just do it on the website using a retail login or having customers signup right there. Payment processing is done online instead of online and retail (simplifying merchant accounting), inventory management is taken care of through woocommerce, bookkeeping can be done semi manually through quickbooks because its a popular product but sadly doesn’t integrate with anything useful.

  48. andres E says:

    do it even easier| I just need to link my card reader with my webshop. that way there is no need for vend or anything. im using revel for the moment and i am setting up shopify just to link it to my pos so i can sell onsite. If someone would develop an app where you can buy in my online store directly from the ipad i have in the shop with a credit card terminal, I would have no more need for shopify or revel, no monthly costs for a POS.

  49. Jake says:

    Can you share the results of the survey or which platforms you are looking to connect with woocommerce? I saw lightspeed POS, what’s next?

  50. raj says:

    Hi support
    Can your plugin integrate the BINDO POS to WooCommerce and migrate the inventory auomatically?

  51. Anonymous says:

    We are working on developing a POS solution for WooCommerce. Stay tuned. Anyone who is interested in it can sign up here: http://goo.gl/forms/CxDFp3g4sp

    I will also be needing beta testers at some point.

  52. Anonymous says:

    We are resellers of Poslavu. I’d love to see integration with woocommerce. http://www.posusa.com

  53. Anonymous says:

    We are working on developing a POS solution for WooCommerce. Stay tuned. Anyone who is interested in it can sign up here: http://goo.gl/forms/CxDFp3g4sp

    I will also be needing beta testers at some point.

  54. Lyse says:

    I have clients asking for this type of integration with a POS from Aralco company in western Canada.
    So that would be very interesting.

  55. Dale Duan says:

    linksync has developed an integration that will connect WooCommerce + Vend, WooCommerce + QuickBooks and WooCommerce + QuickBooks Online. You can find more WooCommerce integrations of linksync from the link below:


    A 14-day free trial is available for new customers. For assistance, you may contact our Support team found in the site or email me directly on dale[at]linksync.com.

  56. Anonymous says:

    i have been looking all over for this for a long time 🙁

  57. Anonymous says:

    What about Lightspeed cloud POS, with the Woocommerce plugin ( $79 year) . Has anyone tried that?

  58. Jason F says:

    We also are dealers for Poslavu, I’d like to second that integration. We’ve had several customers ask for a woocommerce option with their pos system. http://www.dallaspossystems.com

  59. tom says:

    I have people moving to Shopify because of the nice integrated POS options.

  60. Anonymous says:

    We have developed WooCommerce integrated POS solution for Windows and iOS. Anyone who is interested in it can sign up here: http://goo.gl/forms/CxDFp3g4sp

    We are currently looking for beta testers who can help us release it quicker! Thanks.

  61. James Ramirez says:

    I think iPad-based pos solutions are the most interesting 🙂

  62. Andy Carr says:

    Hi! Is it possible to integrate WooCommerce with my pos system? http://posvt.com/

  63. WOO POSSYSTEM says:

    Much Appreciated with all comment, And will suggest you WooPOS – WooCommerce POS plugin for your eCommerce business management control that is best and affordable method.

  64. Jerry says:

    WooPOS (woopos.com) is a great Windows Desktop App with all-in-one high-end POS and inventory control features

  65. WOO POSSYSTEM says:

    Hi all, if you are looking for easy and fast solution to integrate your pos with woocommerce and try to find that kind of app for your personal computer. so would be recommend you affordable, reliable and trustworthy solution for your window pc, that is “WOOPOS”.

    Woopos allows you to control your all inventory, database, sales and more work at one place “WooPOS Window PC App” . You can check on website http://www.woopos.com

  66. Woo says:


    We are developing a dedicated WooCommerce iPad based POS app with the WooCommerce look and feel. Could you please share what issues you face with WCPOS or WOOPOS so we can try to address some of that?


  67. alia may says:

    Recently i saw a store which is working on magento and doing well his sale is also good in newzealand. http://www.toughout.co.nz. This ToughOut store provides garden sheds or popup gazebos in Auckland Newzealand. For more you visit this page

  68. Merigold says:

    Recently I heard a POS provided was working with WooComerce to integrate online shops into its system. https://ready2order.com/de/. This software provider helps small to medium sized companies to sell in store as well as online.

  69. Mathias Nielsen says:

    Hey all,

    After using all the different POS plugins and not being properly satisfied any of them. Me and some colleagues set on a journey to build a professional POS solution that is directly tied into WooCommerce but yet works with all hardware like receipt printers, iPads etc.

    We have build in the ability to do split payments and all the things you would expect from a professional system. We are constantly adding more features so if you are missing something don’t hesitate to reach out.

    You can find us at: https://www.oliverpos.com

    If you want to try it out please feel free to contact us.

    Mathias Nielsen

  70. Simone Myre says:

    Amazing idea. Integrating the pos system with an online shop is exactly what i am looking forward. I’m based in europe and a famous pos system there has a webshop integration. I read on twitter that they are working on such an integration. https://www.paymash.com/de/kassensystem

  71. priya says:
  72. Images in Frames says:

    Woocommerce POS is a great plugin for wordpress ecommerce websites. I inspired to this post. https://imagesinframes.com/

  73. Ali Shaikh says:

    Woocommerce is such a useful opensource ecommerce plugin for every types merchant and POS Integration is also a helpful thing for merchant or company. I must install this plugin on my https://alipromocodes.com/. and it is such a nice and interesting article, i would like to appreciate you post.


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