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WooCommerce Memberships: Dynamic Pricing Integration

Add the ability to use WooCommerce Memberships with Dynamic Pricing.

This would let you create pricing rules based on the membership plan in addition to user roles. This would function similar to the Groups integration with Dynamic Pricing.

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Last updated: July 5, 2015


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  1. Chalice Well says:

    In particular I would be interested in the ability to price a membership product based on the customer’s age, determined by them entering their date of birth, and their location (UK, EU, US etc.) determined by them entering their address.

  2. Benbodhi says:

    This is a must in my eyes, especially considering all of the “membership pricing” mentions, when in fact it is “role based pricing”.

  3. Robert Staddon says:

    The link to the Skyverge blog (“Using Dynamic Pricing with WooCommerce Memberships”) is helpful and I am grateful that @alana.weinstein shared it. However, I would like to point out that this is an extremely limited solution. All members with a Membership of any type are assigned the same role while their membership is active. So this solution would not work if you wanted to apply dynamic pricing differently for two different types of Memberships (Gold vs. Silver, Pro vs. Basic, Wholesaler vs. Retailer, etc.).

  4. KK says:

    03_2019: This feature has been implemented with Version 3.1.7 of Dynamic Pricing (cf. the Changelog here:


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