WooCommerce Memberships: Improved Restriction Shortcode

The wcm_restrict shortcode allows you to restrict blocks of content with WooCommerce Memberships, but that content is always accessible immediately.

The addition of “delay” and “delay_in” attributes would provide the ability to delay access to content within the shortcode.


[wcm_restrict plans=”silver” delay=”2″ delay_in=”months”]
This content can be viewed by silver members 2 months into the membership; otherwise, the delayed access message is shown to inform them when they can access the content.

Current Status


Last updated: July 5, 2015


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  1. Nick Bijl says:

    What would also be a cool addition to this, is some kind of a “show until day X” shortcode.

    This could for example really help with “onboarding” new members. Displaying some content to help them get started, and have it automatically removed after a while, etc.

    (Another way to achieve this would probably be something like an automatic upgrade to another level – like a starter account and a “silent upgrade” after the initial period, though a shortcode might be a little more efficient..) 🙂

  2. Stéphane Bergeron says:

    That is awesome, thank you! This will really open up the flexibility of the plugin for content protection and drip and push it ahead of the competition. 🙂


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