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Tips for Managing a Sudden Surge of Sales

May 5, 2020 - 2 Comments

As more people have been shopping online to support local businesses and fulfill their needs, the avalanche of orders can strain eCommerce companies — even those that have been around for a long time. 

With a few WooCommerce extensions, shop owners can avoid stress while keeping customers happy and informed. By Automating as much as possible and setting order limits, you can continue to provide excellent service without creating a backlog, confusing customers, or overworking employees.

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Why Customer Communication is Crucial in Times of Uncertainty

April 16, 2020 - 6 Comments

COVID-19 has many small business owners and their customers worried and confused. You might be tempted to limit communication with your audience because you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing. But now is not the time to go quiet. Your clientele needs to hear from you — not just now, but at any time of crisis. 

Your community wants clear information about new policies, programs, order statuses, shipping delays, and any sources of help. And new customers need to know if your business is open and if inventory is available.

There’s been an amazing outpouring of support for small and local business, and your repeat customers will sustain you during the shutdown period. While we might be isolating ourselves, there’s no need to isolate your business; you just need to take a closer look at your messaging.

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The Right Way to Move from Etsy to Your Own Website

March 31, 2020 - Leave a comment

Whether you’re a crafter who works with paper, wood, gems, or textiles, you’ve likely got an inventory of beautiful products waiting for the right buyers. A lot of creatives use a third-party storefront, like Etsy, to kick-start a business and find an audience. But once you have a small-but-growing set of fans, it’s time to maximize profits and take your business to the next level with your own online store.

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How to Sell CBD Online with WooCommerce

February 13, 2020 - Leave a comment

Since cannabidiol — better known as CBD — was removed from the federal list of controlled substances in 2018, small businesses who develop their own tinctures, oils, and other extracts can start selling their CBD products online in the United States.

But, because it’s still a highly-regulated substance, CBD products sold online require adherence to a special set of rules. See what you’ll need to consider when selling CBD online and why WooCommerce is right fit for your business.

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Why WooCommerce is the Best Patreon Alternative

January 21, 2020 - Leave a comment

If you’re an artist, writer, musician, or game developer, you’ve experienced the ups and downs that come with making a living in a creative field. Patrons — fans of your work who offer support through small, regular contributions — are key to ensuring that there’s enough in your bank account to let you keep producing for your loyal audience.

Until now, Patreon has been the standard third-party site for creatives looking to set up a support structure. But after they made news by deleting some accounts whose content didn’t align with certain views, lots of people realized they’d rather have their own platform, where they’re in complete control. Enter: WooCommerce. 

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