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Nutribullet improves conversion rate by 35% with WooPayments

Written by Vanessa Petersen on February 9, 2024 Customer Stories.

Nutribullet is a globally-known brand focused on small kitchen appliances. After streamlining their online presence, Nutribullet needed a better checkout experience for their customers. With WooPayments integrated into their highly customized website, Nutribullet was able to improve their ecommerce conversion rate by 35%. They also increased their average order value and brought WooPayments to events as a way to accept in-person orders. 

The Woo team met with Peter Huh, CIO and CTO, and Sterling Tang, Director, Business Technology, to learn more about the Nutribullet story.

Key Details

Industries: Kitchen appliances, consumer goods, health and wellness

Use case: Increased conversion, better customer experience

Product: WooPayments

Key results: 

  • 35% increase in conversion
  • Increased average order value
  • Adopted in-person payments with WooPayments
  • Significantly improved their online checkout experience

Other products used: PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Nutribullet: A strong brand optimizing its online presence

Nutribullet is a predominantly retail business, distributing their popular appliances through large-scale companies like Target and Amazon. 

When Nutribullet was a newer business, they supported their retail strategy with microsites that would launch with each new product campaign. Eventually they oversaw 27 different microsites, and knew that it was time for change.

In 2019, the team began an overhaul of their online presence to better support their direct-to-consumer (DTC) efforts and provide a long term solution that would grow their ecommerce business. After considering a number of platforms, Nutribullet chose WooCommerce and WordPress for its payment options, features, and capabilities. 

During the pandemic, Nutribullet saw the consumer shift to ecommerce and wanted to ensure their website was providing the best possible customer experience. After conducting a full site audit, the Nutribullet team found that checkout inefficiencies offered significant room for growth — both in customer retention and revenue.

The team also wanted a payment platform that would support advanced functionality like gift cards, payment plans, and continuity billing for subscriptions.

They eventually reached a point of stability and strong functionality with their new website, but they were facing challenges with their checkout process, Peter noted, and were ready to pursue further efficiency. 

“We were at a point where we had to look for other efficiencies, one of which was our payment gateway. And that’s where WooPayments came in.”

Peter Huh, CIO and CTO, Nutribullet

Legacy payment process causing friction at checkout

Nutribullet’s site audit found that customers were abandoning the checkout process due to friction in the payment experience.

Instead of staying on the Nutribullet website to enter payment information and complete their purchases, customers were brought to a separate page to enter their credit card information. While it was a necessary checkout step, Nutribullet worried that this experience eroded customer trust and lowered their conversion rates.

Peter explained that the negative customer experience was visible: “With the way we monitored our website, we were able to see people getting very frustrated. That’s when I learned the term ‘rage clicking’ — people were clicking and trying to pay, but it wouldn’t let you do that unless you went into a new [pop-up] window. It wasn’t inherently obvious that that was what you needed to do in order to put in your credit card information.”

Adopting WooPayments for a streamlined checkout experience

At the end of 2021, Nutribullet set out to find a modernized payment option that provided a better purchase experience for their customers. 

When evaluating options, the Nutribullet team considered integrations, customer experience, security, and ROI as key determiners. WooPayments proved to be the best solution for its direct integration, modern payment capabilities, and advantageous ROI. 

However, with their highly customized environment, the Nutribullet team needed some assistance integrating WooPayments. When they reached out to the Woo Customer Success team, their partnership made all the difference.

“Sterling [Tang, Director, Business Technology at Nutribullet] had been trying to get this installed for the better part of a year and a half at this point. The Woo Customer Success team has been a tremendous partner of ours, doing all sorts of customization to integrate WooPayments with our environment,” said Pete. “But after all that work, it’s been fantastic. Our numbers and conversion rates are skyrocketing right now as a result. It’s been a fantastic way to cross the finish line [on our website] with WooCommerce.”

As part of this partnership, Woo Customer Success worked with Nutribullet to improve the checkout experience, maintain their Signifyd integration, develop custom APIs, and streamline the process between WooCommerce and Nutribullet’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, Netsuite.

In March, Nutribullet’s sales and marketing team were attending an event during which they wanted to collect in-person payments. Previously, the team didn’t have an option for this, due to the fact that they didn’t have their own physical stores or point-of-sale system. 

After chatting about the problem with the Woo Customer Success team, Nutribullet were pleased to find out that WooPayments had integrated in-person payments via the WooCommerce card reader: “We were able to tell our sales team, ‘yes we have a solution for you.’ And we were able to get it done in time for the expo. That would have not been possible with our previous payment provider.” 

With WooPayments, Nutribullet was able to ensure that all inventory levels were synced, regardless of in-person or online purchases. 

Improving conversion rate by 35% with WooPayments

Nutribullet launched WooPayments on their website in November of 2022.

“Now, everything is streamlined and still secure. We don’t hold any credit card information and everything is working well. We’re currently looking to replace our original payment platform in our legacy call centers and customer service with WooPayments this year.” — Sterling Tang, Director, Business Technology

Peter was clear about the impact of the change: “It’s no surprise that our conversion rates skyrocketed. The biggest surprise was the size of the conversion rate increase.”

Sterling added further insight: “From the November implementation to year-to-date, our conversion rate has increased 35%. That’s significant, to get over a third of an increase just by removing friction. The average sale volume has also increased, marginally. But definitely, I think that the new checkout experience has really helped.”

“From the November implementation to year-to-date, our conversion rate has increased 35%.”

Sterling Tang, Director Business Technology, Nutribullet

At the time of interviewing, the 35% increase in conversion rate occurred within a six month window.

Looking ahead: Capitalizing on Woo’s functionality and flexibility

In the near term, Peter, Sterling, and their team at Nutribullet are eager to continue their website work and see what more can be achieved for their ecommerce business now that they’ve updated to a modern payment platform. As they consider their path forward, they’re glad to have the Woo team in partnership with them at each turning point.

Since our conversation with Peter and Sterling from Nutribullet, they have implemented additional payment methods and seen further success. After the WooPayments implementation, Nutribullet was able to add Apple Pay and Google Pay to better serve the mobile site visitors that make up the majority of their traffic. 

Since launching Apple Pay and Google Pay on May 1, 2023, Nutribullet has seen an additional 18% increase in conversion rate.

“It’s been really refreshing to have a company like Woo work with us, rather than just the typical vendor-client relationship — which I feel is quite rare in the tech space.”

Simplify getting paid with WooPayments.

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