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WooCommerce Payments

Developed by WooCommerce
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WooCommerce Payments

Developed by WooCommerce

Experience the future, today, with the alpha version of WooCommerce Payments. Currently in limited release for A12s only.

WooCommerce Payments is a payment gateway with a difference. It brings features normally only available at the payment processor’s website into your WordPress administration dashboard. With WooCommerce Payments, you can view and manage your store’s transactions without leaving the comfort of WP Admin.

With the WooCommerce Payments integrated dashboard, you can:

  • View the details of payments, refunds and other transactions
  • View and respond to disputes / chargebacks
  • View deposits (soon).

Get WooCommerce Payments Today

To try the WooCommerce Payments alpha:

  1. “Buy” the product like any other extension
  2. Download, install, and activate the plugin in your WooCommerce store (we recommend in app purchase & auto-install)
  3. Once the plugin is active, click WooCommerce > Payments in your store’s WP Admin area
  4. Click Get Started
  5. Complete the on-boarding to create your account
  6. Wait for the sales to come in with WooCommerce Payments!

Oh also, you’ll need a self-hosted, Jetpack connected site running the latest Jetpack, WooCommerce and WooCommerce Admin.

Stay Tuned for Updates

WooCommerce Payments is alpha software. Be sure to update your site as new versions become available with bug fixes and new features.

To get updates, make sure your store is connected to


Report issues, shared feedback and ask questions about WooCommerce Payments on the internal alpha feedback thread.

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