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Introducing AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP is a reliable, easy-to-use affiliate marketing plugin for your WooCommerce-powered online store. AffiliateWP integrates seamlessly with both WooCommerce and the WordPress admin, allowing you to quickly and easily set up your affiliate program. Rank higher, boost traffic, and make more money with an affiliate marketing program and AffiliateWP.

Seamless integration with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is AffiliateWP’s most popular integration. As a result, AffiliateWP integrates fully with WooCommerce, allowing access to all of AffiliateWP’s out-of-the-box features. From automated commissions, to tracked affiliate coupons, AffiliateWP can help you get your new affiliate program up and running quickly, so you can start earning even more money through your WooCommerce store.

Key features

  • Compatible with all add-ons: WooCommerce is compatible with all of AffiliateWP’s official pro add-ons and free add-ons.
  • Affiliate coupon tracking: AffiliateWP supports affiliate coupon tracking using WooCommerce’s own Coupons feature, so affiliates can share discount codes allocated to them or use coupon codes to promote your site.
  • Subscriptions and Recurring Referrals: Use WooCommerce Subscriptions with AffiliateWP’s Recurring Referrals pro add-on to award affiliates with commissions on recurring payments.
  • Reject refunded referrals: AffiliateWP includes an option that can be enabled to automatically reject unpaid affiliate referrals if an order is refunded.
  • Set per-product rates: Set per-product referral rates if you wish to offer higher or lower commission rates on a per-product basis.
  • Disable specific products: AffiliateWP also allows you to disable specific products from generating referrals.

Plus so much more!

AffiliateWP also offers excellent support and extensive documentation. For more information on AffiliateWP, check out the full features and documentation by clicking the buttons below.

Beautifully integrated with WordPress


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