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Alipay Cross Border Payment Gateway

by  OPMC
The Alipay Cross-Border Payment Gateway plugin for WooCommerce allows you to tap into the 1.3 billion-person Chinese market.

Alipay WooCommerce Integration

Reach 1.3 billion potential customers with AliPay.

The Alipay Cross-Border Payment Gateway plugin for WooCommerce allows you to tap into the 1.3 billion-person Chinese market.

With over 700 million users, Alipay is the most-used payment gateway in China, dwarfing all others, including PayPal.  With the Alipay Cross-Border plugin, your website will be able to accept payments from residents and businesses inside Mainland China using a payment method they are familiar and comfortable with.  It accounts for roughly half of all online payment transactions within China.

This one plugin alone will give you access to a massive potential customer base.


Easy setup + premium support.

To set up the plugin, just enter your AliPay Partner ID and AliPay Security Code in the plugin’s settings. The checkout will then be connected to your AliPay account. For troubleshooting, you can enable Test Mode to make test payments or contact us for premium support services.

The WooCommerce Alipay Cross-Border Payment Gateway Plugin Settings Screen

Key Features

  • Standard WooCommerce approved payment gateway.
  • Fully integrated into WooCommerce (with standard Woocommerce Payment Gateway Settings screen, adapted for Alipay).
  • Quick easy setup.  Just enter your Alipay “Partner ID” and “Security Code” into the settings screen.
  • Fully supports the Alipay test account.  The Merchant can use this to perform FREE test transactions (to check that the plugin, and their Alipay account, are both setup and working correctly).
  • Includes comprehensive documentation.  This documentation is translated into the 64 languages supported by Google Translate, which is important, since the Alipay payment screens are in Chinese only (with NO translations available).  The screens are also quite complicated since Alipay not only takes security seriously, but also support a wide variety of Mainland China payment methods and cards.  Thus, navigating and using these screens (to make the test transactions for example) is next to impossible for those who don’t read Chinese.  But with our multi-language documentation and screenshots, it becomes quite straightforward.
  • Supports payment in Renminbi – Add support for transactions using China’s most used currency.
  • Customers can pay via their Alipay account – When making purchase through Alipay, the customer will have the option to pay through their account, where their payment info is already saved.

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