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WooCommerce Amazon and eBay Integration

Developed by Codisto
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WooCommerce Amazon and eBay Integration

Developed by Codisto

Reach more Customers with Amazon and eBay

The WooCommerce Amazon & eBay Integration connects your online store with the millions of customers on Amazon’s & eBay’s global marketplace network.

WooCommerce Amazon & eBay Integration powered by Codisto is an Amazon and eBay sales channel, a marketplace listing tool, a fully-featured multichannel solution and inventory & pricing sync all in one powerful extension.


• List your entire WooCommerce product catalog on Amazon and eBay in minutes
• Create new Amazon & eBay listings individually, in filtered groups or in bulk
• Link existing Amazon & eBay listings to their matching products in your WooCommerce catalog
• Set separate pricing, fulfilment rules & product details for Amazon and eBay listings based on your existing WooCommerce catalog data
• Receive marketplace orders in WooCommerce
• Sync inventory, orders, pricing and product details in real-time
• Supports all global Amazon & eBay marketplaces
• Codisto XpressGrid offers easy spreadsheet style management of all your marketplace listings from a single screen within WooCommerce
• Easy install & go setup, no data migration, no replatforming
• 30-day free trial


Simply install WooCommerce Amazon & eBay Integration, select any of over 40 global Amazon and eBay marketplaces and the Setup Wizard will guide you through to connecting your first Amazon or eBay account.

Connect to multiple Amazon or eBay accounts and manage them all from one easy tabbed spreadsheet style view with the Codisto Xpress Grid.


Once you’ve connected your first marketplace and set your defaults, you can bulk list your entire product catalog on Amazon or eBay in minutes, with the option to have separate pricing, inventory rules, shipping options or listing details to your WooCommerce store or keep them the same – the choice is yours!

Using powerful search and filter options you can select individual products or groups of products using any WooCommerce field to list, edit or set rules for separate marketplace listing values.


If you’re already selling on Amazon and eBay, you can connect your existing marketplace listings to their matching products in your WooCommerce catalog making WooCommerce the central hub for managing your online store and marketplaces, not only making multichannel easy but also providing a central reference for inventory and sales data which is crucial for maintaining accurate stock counts and publishing up-to-date pricing across all your connected sales channels.

Whether creating new listings or linking existing ones, inventory, orders, pricing and product details will be synced in real-time. Inventory counts will be updated across all your connected sales channels as soon as a sale occurs, marketplace orders will be immediately sent to WooCommerce and changes to pricing, product details or inventory rules are instantly reflected on your Amazon & eBay listings.


With the Codisto XpressGrid you can enjoy centralized management of all your connected Amazon & eBay sales channels in one, easy-to-use spreadsheet style interface where you can search and filter on any field, view and edit all your marketplace listings and easily turn sync on or off for any fields.

Other multichannel selling tools require you to migrate your entire product catalog to their platform, but with the WooCommerce Amazon & eBay Integration you can manage your marketplace listings from WooCommerce, receive marketplace orders in your WooCommerce Orders Page and leverage your existing workflows and third-party extensions that power your online store.


By using rules and operators you can set separate values for your marketplace listings and even combine multiple custom fields to populate marketplace listings.

Using your WooCommerce listings for base values, you can add price increases/decreases, inventory buffers, automated currency conversions and flexible shipping rules for your Amazon & eBay listings.

To populate titles, descriptions, bullet points and keyword fields for Amazon and eBay easy-to-use rules can be used to combine multiple fields from your WooCommerce catalog to create new, optimized values.

For a deeper level of customization and backend automation Codisto Attribute Mapping view lets you define and map any number of attribute fields to set separate marketplace pricing, inventory and product details for truly bespoke integrations.


The WooCommerce Amazon and eBay Integration is powered by Codisto’s specialist integration support and help is never far away.

Whether you need help getting started, encounter issues with your integration or just want to explore some of the extension’s more advanced features Codisto’s friendly marketplace integration specialists are here to help.

With 24-7 phone support, email support and live chat available in all time-zones you’ll soon discover why Codisto’s expert customer support team is second to none.

The WooCommerce Amazon and eBay Integration is the only extension that connects your online store with the millions of customers on Amazon’s & eBay’s global marketplace network. Take control of your multichannel strategy and reach more customers with Amazon & eBay!

Install the WooCommerce Amazon & eBay Integration extension today and get 30-days free to list, sync and manage marketplace listings on any number of global Amazon and eBay marketplaces.

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