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Selling on Amazon made easy!

Explore selling on Amazon with WooCommerce using a reliable inventory management tool designed for seller growth. Above all, Amazon for WooCommerce is affordable, highly simplified, streamlined, and offers a comprehensive solution to connect with a wide range of shoppers.

Key Features

  • Enhance your product feed

Create a highly optimized product data feed tailored specifically for your Amazon store. This approach involves fine-tuning every aspect of your product listings, from titles and descriptions to images and pricing, in a way that maximizes their visibility to potential customers.

  • Create optimized product template

Effortlessly integrate newly required Amazon attributes into your product template, ensuring that your product uploads remain smooth and without any delays. This means you can quickly adapt to Amazon’s evolving requirements and continue listing products efficiently without interruptions or complications.

  • Amazon feeds

The Amazon feed feature is a valuable tool that provides you with the ability to monitor your inventory status on Amazon closely. It goes a step further by helping you pinpoint the specific reasons behind any issues or failures that may occur during the product upload process.

  • ASIN- based syncing

ASIN-based syncing keeps your product data accurate and consistent on Amazon. It’s especially handy when you want to offer your products on listings already listed by other sellers. This ensures smooth integration and maintains reliable product information, improving the customer experience and simplifying the selling process.

  • Order Management

Our app simplifies order management on Amazon and WooCommerce, ensuring seamless coordination and efficiency between the two platforms. Save time and effort while improving your online business’s performance.

  •  Flexible subscription

Experience premium functionality at an affordable price. Start with a free trial, then unlock full features for just $79. Furthermore, choose between one-time and annual payment options.

Amazon for WooCommerce subscription plan.


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