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Arty 3D Viewer

by  ARTY
Add 3D product views and AR interactivity to your Woo store

  • Add interactive features to your Woo store, including 3D modeling and augmented reality (AR)
  • Allow customers to customize products and preview them in 3D
  • Create a captivating shopping experience with customizable loading screens, background colors, animations, and more
  • Add the Arty 3D Viewer extension quickly with one-click integration


  • Arty 3D Viewer creates fast-loading, realistic images that load smoothly
  • Supports multiple file formats, including AMF, DAE, FBX, GCOD, GLB, GLTF, KMZ, MD2, OBJ, PLY, STL, TDS, VTK, WRL, XYZ, and USD
  • User-friendly, no-code integration
  • Arty 3D Viewer’s encryption algorithm ensures that 3D model uploads are secure
  • Annotations allow interactive displays of information about each product
  • Measurements—displays 3D model measurements in multiple systems
  • Creates universal 3D models for any website by accessing Arty 3D Viewer’s API
  • Multi-account management—manage multiple clients with a single account

Create a virtual showroom for your products

Set your store apart with innovative product views.

Enhance the customer experience

Add customization options customers can view in 3D.

Live previews

Customers can view live previews using custom QR codes.

  • Requirements

    Minimum PHP version 7.2

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