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Developed by WooCommerce

Information & Requirements

  • WooCommerce 4.3+
  • WordPress 5.3+
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AutomateWoo has the tools you need to grow your store and make more money.

Convert and retain customers with marketing that does the hard work for you.

Automate and optimize customer communication by sending beautiful follow-up emails.

Set up abandoned cart emails for WooCommerce – with a 63% chance of recovering a lost sale, sending abandoned cart emails is one of the best ways to grow your store.

AutomateWoo Features

  • Follow-Up Emails – Automatically email customers who buy specific products and ask for a review or suggest other products they might like.
  • Abandoned Cart – Remind customers who left items in their cart using emails at set intervals.
  • Win Back Inactive Customers – Target inactive customers with email marketing campaigns. Include special offers and recommendations.
  • SMS Notifications – Send SMS notifications to customers or admins for any of AutomateWoo’s wide range of triggers.
  • Review Rewards – Encourage more product reviews by offering discounts. Limit the discount based on number of reviews posted and the rating given.
  • Wishlist Marketing – Send timed wishlist reminder emails and notify when a wished product goes on sale. Integrates with WooCommerce Wishlists or YITH Wishlists.
  • Birthday Emails – Delight customers with a special WooCommerce birthday email and coupon using the AutomateWoo Birthdays Add-on (separate purchase).
  • Card Expiry Notifications – Notify customers before a saved credit or debit card expires. This can reduce failed payments and churn when selling subscriptions.
  • Personalized Coupons – Generate dynamic customized coupons for customers to raise purchase rate.
  • Subscriptions Automation – Action WooCommerce Subscription events such as status changes, failed payments and renewal reminders.
  • Refer A Friend – Boost word-of-mouth sales with the AutomateWoo Refer A Friend Add-on (separate purchase).
  • Automatic VIP – Reward your best customers with VIP status based on different spend requirements.

Why Use AutomateWoo?

Effortless setup and management, right from your WordPress backend

Start sending emails immediately using the template already set up for WooCommerce transactional emails. Design emails in the familiar WordPress editor enhanced by variables that let you insert products using a variety of display options and insert dynamic content.

Send targeted, multi-step campaigns and offer customer incentives

AutomateWoo gives you complete control over campaigns. Schedule different emails to be sent at intervals or after specific customer interactions and offer incentives using the personalized coupon system.

Track opens, clicks and conversions

AutomateWoo extends WooCommerce reporting – measure success of your campaigns with the many reports included with AutomateWoo. You can also see a detailed log of every email sent and conversion recorded.

Intelligent session tracking and pre-submit email capture

AutomateWoo’s session tracking technology can detect registered users even before sign-in and can capture guest emails during checkout using the common pre-submit technique. Guest emails can also be captured from any form on your website, such as the newsletter signup.

Unlimited Email Sending

Many services charge based on email volume, and with AutomateWoo you need not worry about exceeding your plan.

Developer Friendly

AutomateWoo is 100% extendable, and we have code examples in our documentation to get developers started.

WPML Support

Need to send multilingual emails? AutomateWoo has support for the popular WPML plugin.

How does AutomateWoo Work?

With AutomateWoo you create Workflows. A Workflow is made up of different combinations of Triggers, Rules and Actions..

Triggers determine the circumstances in which the workflow will run. An example trigger would be doing something when an order is made.

Rules allow you to perform more advanced logic on your workflows so they only trigger in certain situations. An example rule would be only trigger the workflow for orders with a total above $100.

Actions define what happens when a workflow is triggered. With AutomateWoo there are a range of customisable actions available to you such as sending an email, changing order statuses or if you are a developer you can define a custom function.

Once you’ve created your Workflow you can schedule your workflow to run at virtually any time. Whether immediately, after a set time. or even at a particular hour or day of the week.


AutomateWoo integrates with your favorite plugins and services, giving you the marketing edge you need.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Make managing subscriptions in WooCommerce Subscriptions almost effortless. Using AutomateWoo, you can create workflows based on subscription events, such as a status change or a renewal payment failure.

WooCommerce Memberships

Take WooCommerce Memberships to the next level with AutomateWoo. Create workflows that automatically send follow-up emails, reward loyal customers with VIP status, and keep an eye on membership cancellations.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Set up automated workflows with AutomateWoo to reward specific customer actions and easily create complex reward scenarios for WooCommerce Points and Rewards. Giving points is a great way to build loyalty.

WooCommerce Wishlists

Supercharge WooCommerce Wishlists. Use custom triggers in AutomateWoo to notify customers when products on their wishlist go on sale and/or send reminders for unpurchased items at different intervals to bring them back to your site.

And Many More…

  • Active Campaign
  • AgileCRM
  • Campaign Monitor
  • MadMimi
  • Mailchimp
  • Twilio SMS
  • YITH Wishlist

AutomateWoo Add-ons

  • Refer A Friend – Boost your word-of-mouth sales with the AutomateWoo Refer A Friend Add-on.
  • Birthdays – Delight customers and boost organic sales with a special WooCommerce birthday email and coupon on their special day.

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