Increase Security with Biometric Logins

The Biometric Login for WooCommerce plugin allows users to create biometric identities for swift and secure logins to your store. Powered by WebAuthn technology and only support HTTPS enable sites, the plugin provides an advanced mechanism for authenticating users by their biometric details rather than the obsolete method of entering login IDs and passwords.

With the help of a USD Authenticator or fingerprint recognition device, users will be able to register with their unique identities and login fast. It helps you prevent phishing attacks and adds another layer of security to your valuable data. You can display the biometric login above or below the default WooCommerce login. You can also customize the text of different buttons it creates for clarity. You can restrict the functionality to users with specific roles. Users can view the registration history to delete any unauthorized registrations or add new ones.


  • Add biometric login capability to simplify your UX
  • Biometric login backed by WebAuthn Technology
  • Display it before or after the WooCommerce login
  • Customize biometric button text and description
  • Authenticate biometric identity by password
  • Restrict by user roles
  • Display registration history to users
  • Users can add new or delete previous registrations

Add biometrics to simplify user logins

Improve the shopper experience with simplified biometric registration and login. The plugin is powered by WebAuthn technology to integrate the advanced login mechanism.

Biometric Login for WooCommerce

Place it before or after the WooCommerce login

Choose to display the biometric login above or below the default WooCommerce login.

Biometric Login for WooCommerce

Customize biometric buttons

You can replace the text of various biometric buttons to make it easier for users to understand the purpose of these options.

  • Biometric login
  • Biometric registration
  • Descriptions of biometric registration

Biometric Login for WooCommerce

Authenticate biometrics with passwords

Implement a security check of biometric registrations by enabling password authentication. Biometric identities will only be created after password verifications.

Biometric Login for WooCommerce

Restrict biometrics to specific users

By restricting biometric login functionality to specific user roles, you can limit the benefit to a specified user group.

Biometric Login for WooCommerce

Show registration history to users

The plugin shows biometric registration histories to users in their accounts. They can view the time and date of registration. They can delete any unauthorized biometric registrations and create new ones.

Biometric Login for WooCommerce


Minimum PHP version: 7.1

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