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Custom Mix & Match Product Boxes & Bundles

Add the Custom Mix & Match Product Boxes plugin to your WooCommerce shop to offer product bundles and increase revenue.

Offer Customizable Product Bundles

Encourage customers to buy assorted items in a bundle with the WooCommerce product bundles plugin. The ease of product addition and interactive display of product boxes leads to a higher average order value and better conversions.

Customers may prefer to buy groups of products together or may want to customize a bundle of products for gifts or business purposes. For example, a grocery customer might want to create a bundle of gourmet treats as a gift for a friend. A business-supply store customer may need to create something practical like a first-aid kit.

Allowing custom product boxes fills the needs of these customers and adds a new revenue stream. WooCommerce mix and match plugin also allows customers to add gift notes.

The WooCommerce custom product boxes plugin gives store owners a user-friendly bundle option and allows owners to offer bundles of their own. These offered bundles can be purchased as is or altered by customers.

Create pre-filled boxes for customers to order as-is or give them the option to remove (uncheck) items from the boxes (to do this, you need to enable selling partially filled boxes). You can offer boxes for a fixed price or a dynamic price that changes as shoppers add products.

You can display box or bundle contents in a list or grid layout.


  • Help customers order in boxes and bundles
  • Allow them to create new boxes after filling one
  • Custom boxes appear below the product image and description
  • You can display products in boxes in a list or grid layout
  • Display a quick product view in a popup
  • Set fixed or dynamic pricing for WooCommerce bundle
  • Create boxes with pre-filled products
  • Allow checkout for partial or pre-filled bundles
  • Add simple and variable products to boxes
  • Control product quantity and total items per box
  • Customers can add gift notes
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Custom product image placeholder for an empty box

Innovative layouts to display product boxes

WooCommerce product boxes have creative layouts to display product boxes. It assists customers in easily adding products while keeping an eye on the custom bundle. Layouts to choose from:

Detailed list display

Display WooCommerce Mix and Match Products in a list view showing product descriptions.

Detailed List

  • Compressed list display

Compress WooCommerce Custom Boxes Products in a list hiding product descriptions.

Compressed List


  • Detailed grid display

Arrange Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce in a grid to project more items.

Detailed Grid


  • Compressed grid display

Display custom box products in compressed grid display without the product description.

Compressed Grid


Popup for a quick product view

Product bundle for WooCommerce provides a quick product view in a popup before adding it to a box or bundle to save consumers’ time. They can review images, prices, and descriptions and modify the quantity.

custom mix & match product boxes

Charge a fixed or dynamic price for bundles

The Mix and match WooCommerce plugin offers you to apply different pricing strategies. You can set a fixed price or calculate it as the customers create a bundle. You can try the following:

  • Fixed pricing
  • Per item cost with a base price
  • Per item cost without a base price

custom mix & match product boxes

Apply to simple or variable products

Assist your customers in adding simple or variable WooCommerce mix and match products to custom boxes. Help them find different variants of their choice from the available options.

custom mix & match product boxes

Allow checkout with a partially filled box

Increase conversions by allowing customers to checkout with their partially-filled boxes. Pushing them to complete the bundle may compel them to abandon the cart.

checkout with a partially filled box


Pre-fill convenient product boxes

If you know which products are frequently bought together, you can create pre-filled product boxes for your customer’s convenience. Ready-made boxes can lead to swift product purchases by appreciative customers.

For example, creating a bundle with the essential items in a skincare line (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen) or an automotive oil change kit (oil, drain pan, oil filter, and shop towels).

Creating product bundles also leads to opportunities to sell more items. A customer might forget to buy sunscreen or shop towels. Remind them, and they may happily purchase them too.

custom mix & match product boxes

Attach gift notes

Customers can add personalized notes to the WooCommerce bundle they have created to gift their loved ones.

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