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Product Enquiry Form

Add Enquiry buttons and allow customers to send you questions via an Enquiry form, email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

  • Communicate directly with your customers through an Enquiry form, SMS, email, or WhatsApp
  • Add an Enquiry button to whole categories or product, shop, and cart pages
  • Quickly answer all your customer’s questions and improve customer loyalty and satisfaction

Turn product browsers into buyers with the “WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form.” Hide prices, replace the “Add to Cart” button with an enquiry button, and let customers ask questions on any page.

Select products, categories, or pages on which you want to showcase the enquiry button. Users can reach out with their inquiries by using the enquiry form or by contacting you via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

Plugin Features

  • Flexible Button Placement: Display enquiry buttons on specific products, categories, or all pages (shop, product, cart).
  • Multiple enquiry Channels: Let customers choose to enquire via email, SMS, WhatsApp, or an on-page form.
  • Customization Options: Design personalized enquiry buttons and forms with different styles, colors, and text.
  • Pop-up enquiry Forms: Keep customers engaged with convenient pop-up forms for quick and easy questions.
  • Multiple WhatsApp Numbers: Handle inquiries efficiently by adding multiple WhatsApp lines for your store.
  • Centralized Enquiry Management: View, manage, and reply to all inquiries from a single dashboard within WooCommerce.

Display Enquiry Buttons on Different Pages

Display an enquiry button on different pages of your WooCommerce store by using the Enquiry Form extension. Hide the product price and Add-to-Cart button and replace it with a Product Enquiry button. You can add the enquiry button on the:

Shop pages

display product enquiry button on shop / catalog page

Product pages

add woocomerce product enquiry button on product page

Cart pages

display woo product enquiry button on cart page

Provide Multiple Enquiry Channels: Enquiry Form (email), SMS, and WhatsApp

The WooCommerce product enquiry plugin empowers store owners by providing three different channels for inquiries thus offering more flexibility and choices to the customers.

Product enquiry through WhatsApp

Receive customer inquiries through WhatsApp. You can also add multiple WhatsApp numbers to cater to more customer enquiries and improve the user experience easily.

capture user enquiries through SMS, Whatsapp or email

Enquire with email

Admins can configure recipient email addresses from the backend and send a copy of emails to customers.

capture user enquiries through SMS, Whatsapp or email

Product enquiry using SMS

Display the SMS enquiry button on the front end and add multiple numbers for enquiries.

capture user enquiries through SMS, Whatsapp or email

Display an Enquiry Form in a pop-up

Customers can stay on the same page and submit questions or quote requests easily by filling out a pop-up enquiry form with enquiry options including email, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Display Woocommerce product enquiry form in pop up

Display Enquiry Button for Specific Product Variations

Enable the enquiry button only for selective product variations. You can select products depending on your marketing efforts increasing your engagement rate. This way you can also increase sales of underperforming products by answering queries related to those products.

Display Enquiry form for single variation

Customers can Enquire About the Cart

Add an enquiry button on the cart page so that customers can send enquiries regarding the whole cart. The admin will receive the enquiry with all the product information in the form of clickable links.

Customers can Enquire About the Cart

Extensive Customization: Buttons, Forms, and Colors

You can select the enquiry button style as a button or text and change the enquiry button’s text. You can also set the background, hover, text, and text hover colors.

You can easily personalize the enquiry form by using the WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form extension. This allows you to add, edit, and rearrange fields as needed.

Enquiry Form:

Manage how you want to receive product enquiries

Enquiry Buttons:

customize product enquiry form

Benefits of Adding a WooCommerce Product Enquiry Button

  • Increase Sales: Convert interested viewers into buyers by addressing their concerns right away. No more lost inquiries, no more missed sales opportunities.
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment: Give customers a platform to ask questions before adding to the cart, minimizing second thoughts and abandoned checkouts.
  • Improve Customer Experience: Offer personalized communication and a seamless enquiry process, building trust and loyalty with your customers.
  • Streamline Communication: Manage all product inquiries from a centralized dashboard, eliminating email clutter and saving you time.


1. How to create a WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form?

To create a product enquiry form on your WooCommerce store install the WooComemrce product enquiry form plugin. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Enquiry From and here you can enable the enquiry form on selected pages of your WooCommerce store.

2. What is a quote or Enquiry contact form in WooCommerce?

Enquiry or request for a quote form is a feature that allows customers to request a price quote or inquire about a product or service directly from the store owner before making a purchase. Customers can inquire through a form, SMS, or WhatsApp.

3. How do I add an Enquiry button in WooCommerce?

To add an enquiry button in WooCommerce, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Enquiry Form and enable the “Show Enquiry Button” option. You can select either all or specific products for which you want to display the enquiry product form.

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