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Information & Requirements

  • Jilt account (free plan available)
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Jilt helps your eCommerce store drive additional revenue with automated lifecycle emails. Jilt has already generated over $28,000,000 in revenue for eCommerce shops, and on average, stores generate an additional 15-20% of revenue in 20 minutes or less.

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Recover Abandoned Carts

Jilt helps you recover lost revenue due to cart abandonment by tracking when carts are abandoned and then sending recovery emails to encourage the customers who abandoned these carts to complete their purchase.

Track Abandonment

Jilt tracks all abandoned carts in your WooCommerce store, capturing email addresses for customers wherever possible. You can see how many customers enter your purchasing flow, but then leave without completing the order.

Jilt Test Orders

Then Jilt sends fully-customizable recovery emails to these customers to encourage them to complete their purchases, recovering revenue that would otherwise be lost to your store.

Recover Lost Revenue

Set up an unlimited number of campaigns to send recovery emails to cart abandoners to rescue revenue that would otherwise be lost. A campaign is a collection of recovery emails that are automatically sent after the cart is abandoned. In addition to a standard campaign, you can also create unique campaigns for special events like holidays or sales.

Jilt Campaigns

Your emails can be fully customized and personalized using our powerful, but easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor and advanced liquid merge tags. And you can automatically generate dynamic coupon codes for each customer to incentivize checkout.

Jilt Email Editor

Powerful segmentation

Personalization is key to ensuring your emails are relevant to customers. Jilt’s powerful segmentation rules let you customize which customers receive which emails.

With sending rules, you can send targeted emails to the audience of your choice:

  • Send abandonment recovery emails with a discount only to higher value carts, such as those over $50.
  • Send emails in different languages based on billing country.
  • Send different post-purchase follow up emails based on whether an order required shipping or not.
  • and more!

Jilt’s advanced segmentation provides flexible, targeted, and effective emails for all of your customers.

Post-Purchase Follow Ups

Ready to start marketing other products, offer discounts to incentivize repeat purchases, or built relationships by thanking your customers for orders? Enable post-purchase email campaigns to email your customers after an order has been completed.

Gather feedback, suggest new products, or drive additional sales by providing discounts on future purchases.

Why Choose Jilt?

Built for Performance

Details on all abandoned carts are saved in Jilt’s backend, rather than your site’s database. This ensures that you can track data over time and get valuable insights into cart abandonment and recovery, while your site stays speedy and doesn’t get bogged down with tons of cumbersome data.

Learn from your Data

Measure the effectiveness of every email you send by tracking total lost revenue, total recovered revenue, and recovery percentage. Also spot useful trends by viewing which campaign emails have been opened by customers and which are being ignored.

Easy Set up

Get up and running in no time with quick set up, and built-in best practices. You’ll be recovering 15% or more of your lost revenue in as little as 15 minutes!

Trust the Best

Jilt is built by SkyVerge, with over 60 other WooCommerce extensions, like Memberships, and we pride ourselves on being there for our users and offering unparalleled customer support.

Jilt is great for shops small and large alike, and is built to scale as big as your store can. What are you waiting for? Start boosting revenue with Jilt today!

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