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Jilt is an all-in-one email marketing platform built for the needs of WooCommerce shops. Join thousands of stores that have generated over $100,000,000 in additional revenue by sending newsletters, sales announcements, automated follow-up emails, receipts, notifications, and more!

Newsletters and announcements built for WooCommerce

Keep in touch with your customers by sending one-time, on-demand emails, such as newsletters or announcements. Jilt’s Broadcast feature is built for the unique requirements of eCommerce shops, allowing you to segment and personalize emails using a wealth of data from your store and easily add upsells and cross-sells.

send newsletters with Jilt

For example, you could:

  • Email everyone who bought a specific product in the last six months to announce a new version
  • Email all VIP customers based on lifetime value to offer early access to a sale
    Target upsells and cross-sells based on previous purchases so they’re more relevant

Broadcasts in Jilt are more effective than other platforms because they’re designed to take advantage of all the rich data your store already collects.

Recover lost revenue

With apologies to Wayne Gretzsky, you lose 100 percent of the sales that don’t check out.. On average, stores using Jilt’s advanced abandoned cart recovery campaigns earn an extra 10 to 15 percent in revenue by getting more customers to return to their cart and finish a purchase! That’s just extra money in your pocket!

track your store's performance with email marketing

Set up an unlimited number of recovery campaigns to automatically send emails to would-be customers after a cart is abandoned. Create unique campaigns for special events like holidays or sales and use segmentation rules to target your messaging based on attributes like which specific products are in the cart, if the customer has previously ordered from you, or total cart value.

You can also bring former shoppers back to your shop with automated win-back campaigns, designed to re-engage customers before they slip away for good! Shoppers who haven’t been to your store in weeks or months aren’t necessarily lost forever. Use smart, automated win-back emails to entice them back to your store to become active customers once again.

Engage customers at the right moments

Set up smart, automated campaigns to do things like welcome new subscribers or customers, provide important product info after a purchase, reward VIPs, solicit feedback or ask for reviews, remind customers when it’s time to order again, or just about anything you dream up.

Automated emails take advantage of your store’s rich data and rules you set up to send emails to the right customers, at the right times based on specific criteria. New customers will receive your automated emails any time they match the criteria you define without any additional work on your end! Jilt has a library of pre-built automation campaigns ready for you to customize so you can start sending to your customers immediately.

Use Jilt’s early email capture pop-up to collect visitor emails before they get to checkout. More carts with emails means more carts recovered and more sales for your store!

early email capture pop-up

Make every sale a positive experience

Improve the customer experience around every sale by using Jilt to deliver useful transaction emails, like order receipts and shipping notifications, to your customers. Just like every other email in Jilt, you can personalize and segment every email to increase the value for your customers, and add things like product recommendations or discounts codes with just a couple clicks.

Plus, you’ll never have to touch a line of code to make it work!

Send beautiful emails

Using Jilt’s powerful, but easy-to-use visual editor, you can create beautiful, responsive emails by dragging and dropping fully customizable elements onto a canvas. Comfortable with code? You can always dig into the HTML and CSS to fully customize your email templates.

send beautiful emails with Jilt's drag and drop email editor

Start with Jilt’s pre-built templates and then customize to match your brand. eCommerce-specific elements, like product recommendations and discount codes, are always at your fingertips!

Powerful segmentation

Personalization is key to ensuring your emails are relevant to customers. Jilt’s powerful segmentation rules let you customize which customers receive which emails.

use Jilt's powerful segmentation to personalize your marketing

With segmentation, you can send targeted emails to the audience of your choice:

  • Send abandonment recovery emails with a discount only to higher value carts, such as those over $50
  • Send emails in different languages based on billing country
  • Send different post-purchase follow up emails based on whether an order required shipping or not
  • Target VIP or highest value customers with messaging specific to them
  • … and more!

Jilt’s advanced segmentation provides flexible, targeted, and effective emails for all of your customers. Segment your audience using over 50 order, customer, and product attributes!

Why Choose Jilt?

Built for performance

Contact and abandoned cart details are saved in Jilt’s backend, rather than your site’s database. This ensures that you can track data over time and get valuable insights into how your email marketing is performing, while your site stays speedy and doesn’t get bogged down with tons of cumbersome data.

Send all your store’s emails

Jilt is built for eCommerce brands and our wide variety of pre-built email marketing templates will get you started fast with all the revenue-generating emails your store needs to send.

  • Newsletters & announcements: Reach your customers directly by sending newsletters, announcements, updates, and other one-time emails.
  • Abandoned cart recovery: Save lost sales with automated reminder emails sent to anyone who leaves their cart before checking out!
  • Win-back old customers: Automatically send re-engagement campaigns designed to entice customers back to your site to buy.
  • Boost engagement: Welcome new customers with follow up emails after purchase, automatically reward VIP users, solicit feedback at the right times, remind customers when it’s time to order again, and more using smart, automated emails.
  • Transactional emails: Delight customers with helpful order receipts, shipping confirmations and more without having to touch any code in WooCommerce! Make sure every sale ends on a positive note.
  • Design custom campaigns: Use Jilt’s advanced segmentation engine to create email campaigns that match the unique needs of your business!

Learn from your data

Measure the effectiveness of every email you send by tracking open and click-thru rates, generated revenue, cart abandonment and recovery rates, and more. Spot useful trends by viewing campaign-level performance metrics, then zoom in to view data about individual emails.

Easy set up

Get up and running in no time with quick set up and built-in best practices. You’ll be sending emails and generating additional revenue for your store in as little as 15 minutes! No need to dig into WooCommerce code to customize your store’s emails—Jilt makes it easy!

Smart integrations

Jilt plays well with all the WooCommerce extensions you already use for your store and we offer advanced integrations for WooCommerce Memberships and WooCommerce Subscriptions stores that allow you to send a range of automated email campaigns to customers that aren’t possible with WooCommerce alone. From welcoming new members or subscribers to emails about trials, renewals, cancellations, and more.

Trust the best

Jilt is built by SkyVerge, with over 60 other WooCommerce extensions, like Memberships, and we pride ourselves on being there for our users and offering unparalleled customer support. Our kind and responsive support team has decades of combined eCommerce experience and we’re ready to assist you and help your store get the most from email marketing.

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Jilt is great for shops of all sizes, and is built to scale as big as your store can. What are you waiting for? Start boosting revenue with Jilt today!

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