Let your customers design & customize products

The KILB Product Designer gives your customers the opportunity to create their own designs for products like shirts, posters, banners, cups, etc.

Customers can create unique designs before they can add products to their carts. They can upload their own images, create texts with several fonts, add QR codes, or choose between a set of predefined images.

After the customer adds a product to their cart, they can see a preview image of the final product. When they order the product, a preview displays, and you’ll see the rendered design in the backend of WordPress.

Our focus

✏️ Customizability

You can configure nearly everything to your specification including:

  • Size (height + width) of your product
  • Size and position of the area that can be designed
  • Text colors the customer can choose from
  • Clip arts the customer can choose from
  • Background images the customer can choose from

You can specify different areas for the same product. Like the front and back side of a T-Shirt. You can configure as many products as you like.

You set up as many translations as you like. Product Designer ships with English and German – but you can add new translations by simply creating JSON files.

🚀 Performance

The Product Designer is built on an amazingly fast JavaScript Framework: Vue.JS. The designer will be shipped with minimized JavaScript and CSS to improve page speed load time. It will be loaded in the background – if the customer clicks the button to create the design everything will be already loaded.

🤝 Compatibility

The plugin is integrated into WooCommerce and WordPress, but only where necessary. It’s unlikely to conflict with other plugins.

🖥 Responsiveness

The plugin works effectively on phones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops. It will always work the same way. It’s completely responsive.

👩🏻‍⚖️ GDPR compliant

The designer doesn’t embed external resources like Google Fonts nor any tracking scripts. We respect your customer’s privacy.

👩🏻‍💻Extendable via JavaScript and CSS

You can extend and modify the functionality of the product designer if you know how to use CSS and JavaScript. See fabricJS documentation here: http://fabricjs.com/docs/

How does it work?

Before a product is added to the cart, the customer can create a unique design. They can upload images, create texts with several fonts, add QR codes, or choose between a set of predefined images you offer.

After the customer has added the product to the cart, a preview image of the final product will display.

See this video to understand how to set up the designer and get a first idea how it will work:



✅ Product designs for each article and variant possible

✅ SVG support for image uploads and design exports

✅ Predefined product designs possible

✅ Super-high performance, with the super-low file size of CSS and JavaScript files

✅ Simple and clear backend

✅ Customize extensively via JavaScript and CSS

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